Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Fauquier Lakes, LP/Brookside Development, LLC (Owner)/Bohler Engineering (Applicant)


June 11, 2009

Staff Lead:


Bonnie Bogert, Planner II

Community Development


Magisterial District:                                                                                                                     PIN:

Scott                                                                                                      7915-03-7603-000 (Portion of)


Service District: 

New Baltimore



A Resolution to Make a Determination Regarding a Comprehensive Plan Conformance Review (CCRV09-CR-004) in Accord with Code of Virginia, Section 15.2-2232, as to Whether the Location of a Public Library on this Property is Substantially in Accord with the Comprehensive Plan – Fauquier Lakes, LP/Brookside Development, LLC (Owner), Bohler Engineering (Applicant)    


Topic Description:

The applicant is seeking a Comprehensive Plan Conformance Determination to determine if their proposal to site the New Baltimore public library on Brookside Parkway in Phase 8 of Brookside is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan.

Brookside is a planned community which is comprised of both residential and commercial components. Several residential phases have already been approved and platted. This proposed site is part of Phase 8, which has been approved; however, only a portion of the phase has been platted. The approved proffers for Brookside include a statement that the developer is responsible for providing a library or other public use site as part of their approved rezoning.

As the Brookside Development moves forward, the Applicant has requested that a portion of Brookside Parkway (the part that has yet to be constructed) be realigned. The realignment of this road will increase the size of the open space parcel around Lake Wesley (formerly known as Henry’s Pond), which could make this site able to accommodate a facility such as a library.

 The New Baltimore library is currently slated to be built on a parcel adjacent to Auburn Middle School, which is located on Riley Road (Route 676) just before Riley Road becomes Brookside Parkway. Brookside Communities, LLC, along with Fauquier County Public Libraries, has already

submitted a Major Site Plan for the development of a library on this site, and it has undergone two reviews by County staff and other review agencies, such as the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).

While the Statement of Justification called this proposal a request to “relocate the proposed New Baltimore Fauquier County Library location from the currently proposed site at Auburn Middle School to the newly proposed site within the Brookside Community,” it is staff’s understanding that the applicant intends to keep the Riley Road site as an alternate site for the library.


Location,  Zoning and Current Land Use:

The property is located on Brookside Parkway, north and east of its intersection with Groupe Road and zoned for Planned Residential Development (PRD).  This portion of the parcel is currently used as open space for the residential portion of the Brookside Development.

 Surrounding Zoning and Current Land Use: 

Adjoining parcels to the north are also zoned PRD. Adjoining parcels to the east, west and south are zoned a combination of PRD and Residential (R-1). Most land in this area is currently undeveloped. 

Comprehensive Plan/Land Use:  

The properties are located within the New Baltimore Service District. This area is slated for Low Density Residential (up to two dwelling units per acre) in the New Baltimore Service District. 


Comprehensive Compliance Analysis: 

Per §15.2-2232, Code of Virginia, Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review, the Planning Commission is required to make a finding that the proposed library (a public facility feature) is substantially in accord with the adopted Comprehensive Plan at this location.  Chapter 9 of the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan, Public Facilities and Utilities, lists public facilities as “schools, parks recreational facilities, libraries, health and human services, and public safety.”  The Planning Commission’s finding is then forwarded to the Board of Supervisors for confirmation.

“The County’s primary goal for community facilities, services, and utilities is to provide for the physical, cultural and public safety needs of the County.”  The following goals as outlined in Chapter 1 of  the Comprehensive Plan relate to public facilities:

Goal #6, “To plan for necessary public facilities and utilities through public and private cooperation within those areas presently containing services, and to establish priorities for service implementation in those areas presently not served.”

Goal #8, “To effect economical and efficient use of public funds by planning for a rate growth which will achieve the goals of the County and will not exceed the ability of the County to provide services to its citizens.”

Chapter 9 of the Comprehensive Plan is the Public Facilities and Utilities Chapter. Public Facilities policy guidelines are recommended to guide the facility and utility planning for the County.  Some of the general guidelines are listed below:

·      Public facilities and services should be sited in a manner which will efficiently and economically serve the greatest number of residents while keeping within the plans for County growth as presented in this Plan.

·      All public facilities and utilities should be designed and developed so as to limit environmental degradation. 

·       Facilities should be appropriately planned to provide adequate levels of service.

The guidelines for libraries are as follows in Chapter 9 of the Comprehensive Plan:

·     Expand the library system capacity at a rate which parallels the population growth.

·      Where possible, the County should locate future library branches in, or in close proximity to, satellite government facilities.

Chapter 9, Public Facilities and Utilities, includes a library plan, and includes the recommendation for a one (1) to three (3) acre branch library to be planned and sited within New Baltimore (page 18). The plan indicates that the Library Board is responsible for developing criteria and location preferences for such a site.  This implementation strategy is also included in the New Baltimore Service District (NBSD) Plan.

Staff and Review Agency Comments: 

Staff and appropriate referral agencies have reviewed this request for conformance with the Comprehensive Plan. Findings, comments, and recommendations are summarized below:

Planning Division

There are two sections of the Comprehensive Plan that reference adopted public facility policies, the NBSD plan and Chapter 9.

The New Baltimore Service District Plan (pg. 32) recommends that “a five (5) acre branch library be planned and sited within New Baltimore. Such a facility could serve multiple purposes, including meeting space for civic organizations and clubs. “The NBSD plan also recommends that “where possible, the County should locate future library branches in, or in close proximity, to satellite government facilities.” 

Chapter 9 (pg. 3) states that “Public facilities and services should be sited in a manner which will efficiently and economically serve the greatest number of residents while keeping within the plans for the County growth as presented in this Plan.”

In light of the absence of detailed maps and policies prescribing a precise location of a proposed NBSD library site, the proposed library site may be found to be in substantial accord with the adopted Comprehensive Plan per the NBSD policies. However, the Board of Supervisors may wish to have more information about potential site costs and environmental implications associated with development at this site below a farm dam to determine whether the proposed site would “efficiently and economically” serve the greatest number of residents. 

In addition, the following information is needed from the Applicant:

·         The Statement of Justification provided does not specifically identify reasons as to why the proposed location of this public library is substantially in accord with the Comprehensive Plan. 

·         At the Pre-Application meeting on March 31, 2009, there was discussion as to what was to become of the original library site, which is currently adjacent to Auburn Middle School. It appeared that the consensus was that the original site was to remain as a back-up location (i.e., not to be abandoned completely), should this proposed location not be feasible for development, or should the Comprehensive Compliance Review be denied. It is unclear from the Statement of Justification what the applicant plans to do with the original library site.

Per discussion with the Applicant, it appears their intent is to retain the Riley Road site as an alternative library location.


1.      The area where the library is proposed to be located is shown as open space on the approved concept plan for Brookside.  As a library may be counted toward open space pursuant to the open space Special Exception for Brookside (SE01-S-14), the placement of the library at this location is not inconsistent with the rezoning concept plan approval for Brookside.

 Information for the Applicant.

2.      The Brookside proffers required an approximately 7-acre site to be provided to the County for a library or other public use (Proffer II.B.6.A).   The prior site approved for the library at Brookside was 4.75 acres.  While no acreage was provided for the proposed new site, from the concept submitted, staff estimates a lot approximately 2.75 acres in size. The actual size of the Library site ultimately proposed will need to be increased to meet the proffer.

Information for the Applicant.

3.      As the library layout shown on the application is conceptual in nature and details have not been provided, staff has not provided a detailed zoning review of the library layout shown.  Staff would note, however, that the layout shown does not appear to comply with minimum Zoning Ordinance requirements related to the location of parking and loading, setback of parking and provision of buffer/landscaping yards along streets, and access into the site.  Note that the site may need significant redesign to meet these and other Zoning Ordinance requirements.

This information pertains to the Major Site Plan stage of development.


Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Brookside Communities, LLC request for a Comprehensive Plan Compliance Review to place a branch library on a 4.4-acre site located in Phase 8 of the Brookside Community development.  The site is in the Scott magisterial and the New Baltimore service districts.

Chapter 9 of the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan states that Public facilities and services should be sited in a manner which will efficiently and economically serve the greatest number of residents.”  The New Baltimore area is the primary population and economic center for eastern Fauquier County.  The site under review also appears to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan’s goals of concentrating and guiding growth around designated growth areas and providing for the physical, cultural, and safety needs of the county.

The site is nicely situated and would be a good location for a branch library if the surrounding area is developed as proposed by Brookside Communities, LLC.  The Library Board would like to note that the current five-acre site for the New Baltimore branch library located next to Auburn Middle School on Riley Road is attractive, as well, and represents the County’s first effort to collocate public facilities.  The Phase 8 site under review, thus, should be considered as an additional possible library site rather than as a replacement for the one on Riley Road.

In the end, the Library Board’s goal is to provide a library to serve the residents of eastern Fauquier County as soon as possible.  The need for a branch library in the New Baltimore service district has been apparent since around 1991.  It has been explicitly in the Capital Improvement Plan since 1995.  Construction, originally planned to begin in FY ’06, has been postponed several times.  The draft FY ’10-’15 CIP delays funding for the library until FY ’12-’13. 

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT):

1.        Brookside Parkway is designed to ultimately be a 4-lane divided major collector road, and the entrance to the library shown on Brookside Parkway should be eliminated.

2.         Identify who is intended to maintain the trail within the right-of-way of Brookside Parkway.  VDOT will only maintain the trail if it is completely within the right-of-way, and meets all of our standards.

3.      Plans should clearly identify that the proposed trail is not within the area of the future

 widening of Brookside Parkway.

4.        Provide traffic generation information.

5.        Further review of the changes to Brookside Parkway and Boathouse Road will need to be    done separately.

Comments pertain to the Major Site Plan stage of development.

Summary and Recommendation:

Staff believes that based on the guidelines in the Comprehensive Plan that there may be justification that this proposed library site is in Conformance with the Comprehensive Plan:

·         Adding a library to the New Baltimore Service District would implement a service that is currently not readily accessible to residents (Goal #6, Chapter 1).

·         The location of this public facility serves a large number of residents while keeping within the plans for County growth as presented in this Plan. (Guidelines, Chapter 9)

·         Adding a library to this area would expand the library system at a rate which parallels the population growth, as the development of the Brookside Community will add to the population of New Baltimore, which is an area that is already underserved by public utilities. (Library Policy Guidelines, Chapter 9)

The Board of Supervisors may want the applicant to provide assurances that a library can be provided “efficiently and economically” on this site.

Planning Commission Summary and Action of April 30, 2009:

The Planning Commission discussed this item at their work session. The Planning Commission held a public hearing on this item. The Planning Commission made a statement that while this site may be an appropriate location, the Riley Road site (the current library site), as well as other similarly situated sites might be just as suitable. The Planning Commission voted unanimously to forward this item to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation of approval with the following statement made a part of the official minutes:

“The Planning Commission finds that the proposed location of a library in Phase 8 of Brookside along the Brookside Parkway is in conformance with the Comprehensive Plan, as it would implement a service that is not readily accessible to residents, and could serve a large number of residents while keeping within plans for County growth as per the Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Commission finds that the Riley Road site is also an appropriate location for a library, and that other similarly situated sites within Brookside, Vint Hill or other New Baltimore locations could also be appropriate locations. The Planning Commission further finds that the ideal location for a library would be in the heart of a thriving community with adjacent residential, commercial, and recreational uses.”


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 
Conduct a public hearing and consider the attached Resolution.

Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Fauquier County Libraries

Fauquier County Residents


1.         Statement of Justification

2.         Exhibit of Proposed Library Location

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