A Resolution to the Virginia Board of Historic Resources and the National Park Service Supporting THE ORLEAN national register Historic district

WHEREAS, the Orlean Historic District is located on Leeds Manor Road (Route 688) that once was part of Lord Fairfax’s massive land holdings known as “Leeds Manor” and  

WHEREAS, Orlean began as a log structure leased by John Winn Smith in the late 18th century and the 80-acre district has 51 contributing historic structures representing Orlean’s role as a Fauquier County Village for over 214 years; and  

            WHEREAS, the log structure now forms a wing of the stone dwelling known as the “Orlean House” that today stands amidst an eclectic collection of historic buildings such as the Greek Revival style Smith-Hinkley House, a vacant former post office, two Queen Anne styled homes, the Victorian Jeffries Store building, numerous other classical rural buildings, and a vast array of smokehouses, barns, cemeteries, and other outbuildings; and

WHEREAS, the historic marker on the southern entrance reads “Here Lee and Longstreet, on their way to join Jackson, then at Bristoe Station, camped on August 26, 1862.”  

WHEREAS, the Village of Orlean was long a center of religion and education for both African-Americans and Whites as embodied in the Providence Baptist Church, the Orlean Methodist Church and the archaeological remains of early schoolhouses; now, therefore, be it 

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 11th day of June 2009, That the Board of Supervisors hereby supports and encourages the Virginia Board of Historic Resources to include the Orlean Historic District, located in the Marshall Magisterial District, in the Virginia Landmarks Register; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Virginia Board of Historic Resources recommends to the National Park Service, due to the established and unique history and National significance of Orlean, that this district expansion be enrolled in the National Register of Historic Places.


                                                                                    A Copy Teste


                                                                                    Paul S. McCulla
                                                                                    Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

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