A Resolution to APPROVE comprehensive plan AMENDMENT CPAM05‑MA‑013 to the Marshall service district and

SPECIAL permit sppt07-ma-014


            WHEREAS, Beights Development Corporation, owner and applicant has requested a Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPAM05-ma-013 to the Marshall Service District to change the land use designation of 1.78 acres of land from Low Density Residential (1 to 3 units per acre) to Mixed Use on the parcel identified by PIN 6969-87-8431-000; and

            WHERAS, the applicant also seeks Special Permit approval to allow for an office greater than 5,000 square feet in size; and

WHEREAS, approval of the requested applications for the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Special Permit for the aforementioned property would allow for commercial development; and


WHEREAS, on April 26, 2007, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the applications and voted to recommend approval of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Special Permit provided that the Special Permit use shall be consistent with the concept presented in the Special Permit application; and


            WHEREAS, on June 14, 2007, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors conducted a public hearing and considered the written and oral testimony; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors concurs with the Planning Commission; now therefore, be it


            RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 14th day of June 2007, That Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPAM05-MA-013 and Special Permit SPPT07-MA-014, Beights Development Corporation; owner and applicant, be, and are hereby, approved.


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