Didlake, Inc.

            Didlake, Inc. is a company providing supported employment and vocational training to individuals with disabilities seeking jobs in the northern Virginia metropolitan area.  They provide sheltered employment for people with higher needs.

            Supported employment is also offered, where a counselor or job coach will accompany the employee to assist with training to go into a specific job.  Didlake also provides administrative and support jobs with the Federal Government.

            Didlake serves 800 people throughout the metropolitan area, of which 32 reside in Fauquier County .  Didlake has been in business since 1965.  In Remington, Fauquier County , Virginia , Didlake operates a sheltered employment facility.  Didlake partners with the Community Services Board and Department of Rehabilitative Services to provide employees transportation to the facility.

Independence Empowerment Center, Inc.

Center for Independent Living

            Independence Empowerment Center, Inc. (IEC) is an organization that provides a variety of services to people with disabilities.  Although it is located in Manassas , Prince William County , there are outreach office hours in Fauquier County 2 days per month.  IEC provides peer counseling in assertiveness, acceptance of disability and goal-setting.  Other services include independent living skills, travel training, resume/interview skills, transportation and personal assistance.  IEC also works with clients to help find suitable housing, in advocacy and Social Security matters. 

            Through itís TAPLOAN program, IEC assists individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing by allowing these people to borrow TTYs and other AT equipment, to try before purchasing.  IEC provides assistance in finding personal assistants for people with physical disabilities.  Their Benefits Planning, Assistance and Outreach Program educates people about Work Incentives and helps with their return to the workforce.  IEC also assists people in finding funds for home modifications.

            IEC has been in business for 5 Ĺ years and currently serves 10 citizens in Fauquier County .


The Workplace

            The Workplace is a center providing computer and Internet access, fax capabilities and assistance in resume preparation for people with disabilities.  Independent counselors and counselors from the Department of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) work with clients on job readiness, career counseling and mentoring.

            The Workplace has been in business in Warrenton since April 2000.  It is currently serving 10 Fauquier Citizens, and provides outreach office space 2 days per month to IEC staff (see above).  The Workplace works in close conjunction with DRS and IEC. 

Convaless/The Plains Pharmacy

            Convaless is a home medical equipment/service company.  Convaless provides home medical equipment and supplies, respiratory equipment and services, infusion therapy and services, as well as pharmaceutical services. 

            Convaless is located next door to itís sister company, The Plains Pharmacy, on Main Street, in The Plains, Virginia.  The businesses have been in operation for 36 years at the same location.    Convaless/The Plains Pharmacy offers all major brands of medical equipment, including wheelchairs, shower and bath aids and offers experienced staff capable of fitting equipment to customersí needs.  Convaless/The Plains Pharmacy serves approximately 200 Fauquier County citizens with physical and/or sensory disabilities.