Fauquier County Public Schools offers a continuum of special education programs and services providing students with access to and participation in the activities of the schools as appropriate to the age and educational needs of the student.

            At the earliest levels, a preschool program is available for students who are identified through the Child Find process. Nine classes are located throughout the County and housed at elementary schools. 

            Students who are eligible for special education services as learning disabled, emotionally disabled or other health impaired may receive services at any of the elementary, middle or high schools through the combined LD/ED programs.  Services in these programs are offered on a continuum ranging from resource levels of support to collaborative classrooms where regular and special education teachers team, to self-contained classroom programs for students requiring a more intensive educational setting.

            Students with mental retardation may be served in programs for students with mild mental retardation (EMR) located at the elementary, middle and high schools, or moderate mental retardation (TMR), severe and/or multiple disabilities (SPD, MD) also housed at various school sites, or in other programs and/or locations as determined by their Individual Education Programs.

            Students with severe communication disorders and those with autism may be served in a classroom setting at C. Hunter Ritchie elementary School or Marshall Middle School , where a continuum of services is also available for these youngsters.

            Itinerant services are available for students requiring Speech and Language intervention, occupational and physical therapy.  Vision and hearing teachers also travel to schools to serve students with deficits in those areas.  Transition services, preparing students for the world of employment, are also available for students age 14 years and up, as appropriate.


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