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June 17, 2002

Work Session
4th Floor Conference Room
1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.         Agenda Review

2:00 p.m.         Virginia State Police – County Operations Briefing  (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Bob Lee, Staff)

2:30 p.m.         Break

2:45 p.m.         Fauquier County Bandwidth Task Force (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Talmage Reeves, Staff)

3:15 p.m.         Fauquier County’s Farmland Preservation Program – Purchase of Development Rights (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Peter Mitchell, Staff)

3:45 p.m.         Closed Session with County Attorney Regarding Pending Litigation

Regular Sessions
Marshall Middle School
4448 Zulla Road, Marshall, VA  20116
6:30 p.m.

Invocation – Supervisor Harry Atherton

Pledge of Allegiance

Adoption of the Agenda

Citizens Time

Proclamations and Recognitions

  • A Proclamation to Designate June 22-23, 2002 as Amateur Radio Weekend in Fauquier County 

1.      Consent Agenda

a)      Approval of Minutes for April 15, 2002 Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting

b)      A Resolution to Award a Bid for the Construction of Cell #3 at the Solid Waste Landfill (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff)

c)      A Resolution to Authorize a Public Hearing to Amend the FY 2002 Budget in the Amount of $880,773 (Finance Committee, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff)

d)      A Resolution to Authorize Grant Acceptance and Appropriation of Funds for the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center’s Restorative Justice Program (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Bob Lee, Staff)

e)      A Resolution to Adopt the 2002-2003 through 2007-2008 Secondary Six-Year Plan and the 2002-2003 Fiscal Year Budget of the Virginia Department of Transportation (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Liz Cook, Staff)

f)        A Resolution to Renew the Fauquier County Independent Auditor Contract #29-98C (Finance Committee, Sponsor; Beth Ledgerton, Staff)

g)      A Resolution Authorizing a Change from Full-time Temporary Social Work Aide Within the Department of Social Services to Full-time Permanent Social Worker (Personnel Committee, Sponsor; Francine Bouldin, Staff)

h)      A Resolution to Revise Selected Fauquier County Government Human Resources Policies (Personnel Committee, Sponsor; Francine Bouldin, Staff)

i)        A Resolution to Establish the Board of Supervisors’ Legislative Proposals for the 2003 General Assembly (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)

j)        A Resolution to Refer to the Fauquier County Planning Commission a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 5-205.5 (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Carolyn Bowen, Staff)

k)      A Resolution to Refer to the Fauquier County Planning Commission a Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to Section 3-314.10 (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Carolyn Bowen, Staff)

l)        Review Final Subdivision Plan for Cedar Brooke Phases 5, 6 and 7 (Formerly Reynard’s Crossing), Lee Magisterial District (Roland T. dePolo, Manager BRS, L.C., Owner/Applicant; Liz Cook, Staff)

2.      A Resolution Directing the County Administrator to Cease All Actions Necessary to Institute the Road Abandonment Process for a Portion of Wesley Chapel Road which has been Discontinued for Maintenance and is Not Currently in the State Secondary Systems of Highway s  (Marshall District) (Harry Atherton, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff) 

3.      A Resolution to Approve / Deny the Request of Dominion Virginia Power to be Relieved of the Obligation Set Forth in Condition Number 3 of the Final Order of the Board Dated November 5, 2001  with Respect to Cool Lawn Farms and the Ritchie Property (Lee District) (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff)

4.      A Resolution to Award a Bid for the Construction of the Bealeton Branch Library (Sharon McCamy, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff) 


  • Fauquier County Library Board (Marshall District Representative) 
  • Water and Sanitation Authority Liaison Committee
  • Capital Improvement Program Committee (Marshall District Representative)
  • Rappahannock Emergency Medical Services Council (Planning District 9 Representative) 

Supervisors Time 


Public Hearings
Marshall Middle School
4448 Zulla Road, Marshall, VA  20116

7:00 p.m.

  1. 12th Addition to Marshall/Warrenton Agricultural and Forestal District - Paul L. & Suzanne H. Ashby (PIN's 6956-47-1441-000 and #6956-37-5005-000); Audrey Ashby,.  (PIN's #6956-16-5119-000, #6956-16-3342-000 and #6956-17-4243-000); and Charles C. & Deborah A. Cornwell (PIN #6956-48-3351-000). (Marshall District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  2. 2nd Addition to Paris Valley Agricultural and Forestal District - John E. & Antoinette M. Hudson (PIN's #6023-86-4564-000 and #6023-94-6137-000). (Marshall District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  3. 10th Addition to The Plains Agricultural and Forestal District - Roberta R. Jeffries (PIN #6988-27-8257-000); and Lourdes Peralta (PIN #7001-99-1604-000). (Scott District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  4. 12th Addition to Springs Valley Agricultural and Forestal District - Jeffrey F. King (PIN #6972-23-8203-000); and Sharon Maloney (PIN #6972-34-4551-000). (Marshall District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  5. 6th Addition to Cobbler Mountain Agricultural and Forestal District - Thomas A. and Patricia Fabyanic(PIN #6938-85-7801-000); and Patricia Barraza Vos (PIN #6040-55-7168-000). (Marshall District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  6. 5th Addition to Thumb Run Agricultural and Forestal District - Donna L. Koski (Portion of PIN #6929-42-4716-000). (Marshall District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  7. 9th Addition to Upperville Agricultural and Forestal District - Paul E. and Marion C. MacMahon (PIN #6054-36-7386-000). (Marshall District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  8. Special Exception Amendment (#SEA02-S-01) - Frederick W. & Barbara J. Eickhoff, and Leon H. & Patricia A. Eggers, owners, and Richard Sanders, applicant - applicant wishes to amend the conditions of a previously approved special exception to allow for the vacation of an interparcel connection.(PIN's #6995-63-3951-000 and #6995-63-5559-000). (Scott District) (Rick Carr, Staff)

  9. Special Exception (#SE02-S-16) - Roger L. Elgin, III, Trustee, owner, and Barbara Elgin, applicant - applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 5 of the Zoning Ordinance which would allow for an outdoor education facility, and Category 9 which would allow for a tent campground (PIN #7012-34-8514-000). (Scott District) (Rick Carr, Staff )

  10. Allocation of the Ten Million Dollars Paul Mellon Estate Distribution to Fauquier County (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff)


Next Regular Meeting:  
 July 15, 2002 • Warren Green Building  • 6:30 p.m.

* The Agenda may be modified on adoption by the Board of Supervisors in the form of additions, deletions or revisions.