JUNE 17, 2002


SUBJECT:  12th Addition to the Marshall/Warrenton Agricultural and Forestal District

EXPIRATION DATE OF DISTRICT:            January 20, 2005

APPLICANTS:                                               Paul L. & Suzanne Ashby

PARCEL ID#:                                                  6956-47-1441                       20.2474 acres                                                                                     6956-37-5005                         7.8607 acres

LOCATION:                                                   The subject parcels are located on the east side of Route 737, Conde Road

CURRENT ZONING:                                RA (Rural Agriculture) and RC (Conservation District)

SURROUNDING ZONING:                         North:            RA

                                                                        South:  RC

                                                                        East:            RC

                                                                        West:            RA & RC

MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT:                           Marshall

STAFF PLANNER:                                         Holly Meade


The Marshall/Warrenton Agricultural and Forestal District was originally created in 1981 and was last renewed by the Board of Supervisors effective January 20, 1997, for an eight (8) year period, expiring on January 20, 2005.  The District currently consists of 182 parcels and totals approximately 14,085.44 acres.

The applicants have requested the addition of 28.11 acres to be added to the District.  Copies of the application and parcel map are included in your package.    

The application states these parcels are used for hay and pasture and are a part-time owner-operated farm. 


Review of the parcel indicates the site is mostly open with gently rolling terrain.  The majority of the soils types consist of secondary pasture land. The subject property was discovered to have the following soil types:

·        25C – Moderately deep, excessively drained, yellowish-brown coarse-loamy soils (Hazel) and very deep, well drained, yellowish-brown loamy soils (Edgemont) on summits and gently sloping back slopes.

·        25D – Moderately deep, excessively drained, yellowish-brown coarse-loamy soils on narrow summits and moderately steep back slopes; 0.1 to 2% rock outcrop

·        26C – Very deep, well drained, red clayey soils on undulating summits and strongly sloping back slopes

·        125D – Moderately deep, excessively drained light yellowish-brown loamy soils on narrow summits and moderately steep back slopes; loose stones cover 0.1-5% and rock outcrop 0.1-2% of the surface

The proposed addition to the Marshall/Warrenton Agricultural and Forestal District is contingent upon a Board of Supervisors’ policy that was adopted on March 6, 1990.  This policy states that parcels which are smaller than twenty-five (25) acres in size shall be excluded from an Agricultural and Forestal District unless one of the following exceptions is met:  (1) The subject property is under an open space easement; and/or (2) The subject property is part of a working farm and under the same ownership, or family ownership, of other lands which are currently a working farm and are in or being added to an Agricultural and Forestal District.


The Planning Commission and the Agricultural and Forestal Advisory Committee voted to recommend approval for the following reasons:


·      Review of the natural features of this parcel indicates that there are significant resources which are worthy of protection and would enhance the District, and

·        The parcel meets the criteria for evaluating the factors for inclusion into the District as required by Section 15.2-4306 of the Code of Virginia, and 

·        The parcels meet the County requirements for inclusion into the District since they consist of a working farm.


In addition, both groups recommend approval with the following condition:

·        If any of the parcels are subdivided, boundary adjusted, or sold then the parcels shall be removed from the District.


A.     Copy of Application

B.     Copy of Fauquier County Geographic Information Systems Map

C.     Copy of Section 15.2-4306 of the Code of Virginia