Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:


Raymond E. Graham, Vice Chairman,

 Cedar Run District Supervisor


June 21, 2004

Staff Lead:



Frederick P.D. Carr, Director

Community Development




 A Resolution for Proposed Department of Community Development Fee Schedule Revisions


Topic Description:


The Department of Community Development fee schedule needs to be upgraded to provide financial support for the transfer of street addressing and associated responsibilities to the GIS Department, and a fee for residential/non-residential subdivision potential requests.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:


Conduct a public hearing and, due to policy, postpone action on the proposed fee schedule until the July 19, 2004 regular meeting.


Summary Staff Report:


Street Addressing.  The Departments of Community Development and GIS have reviewed the overall street addressing program.  The conclusion is that all functions are more logically placed within the GIS Department for new street addressing and coordination with the E911 mapping system.  As a result of this effort, the Board of Supervisors approved a full-time GIS Technician position to be fully dedicated to the comprehensive street addressing program. 


The enclosed fee schedule, under the streets section, identifies those fees to be collected for street addressing, as well as street sign applications and requested name changes.  To maintain the County’s one-stop land development application point, the Department of Community Development plans to process the specific fees and deliver the applications to GIS for processing and action.  The associated street addressing or sign application fees will be assigned directly to designated GIS revenue and expenditure budget codes.


Appeals to the Board of Supervisors.  The Department needs to establish a Zoning Division fee for appeals to the Board of Supervisors regarding previously approved proffer statements and final plat approval and conditions.  These represent rare requests, but require staff time, analysis, recommendations and processing.  Here the proposed $500 fee is the same as required for appeals before the Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).  If the appellant succeeds in the appeal, the fee is returned as it is before the BZA.


Subdivision Potential.  Upon request and paid fees ($100), the Department already provides detailed land records research to establish the subdivision potential and availability of administrative divisions for Rural Agricultural (RA) and Rural Conservation (RC) zoned properties.  For example, this research requires tracking the division of parent parcels after May 21, 1981.   The recommendation here is to require a similar fee for all other residential and non-residential zoning categories for requests for establishing administrative division capabilities.  That research needs to refer back to the parent parcel in May of 1968.  All requests verify proffered zoning, special exception/special permit conditions and other related constraints (e.g., location within a specified Agricultural & Forestal District).


Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

GIS Department

Department of Community Development

Developers and Property Owners




1. Resolution




A RESOLUTION FOR PROPOSED Department of Community Development Fee Schedule Revisions


WHEREAS, the Department of Community Development and GIS have several areas for specific land development related applications which have no assigned fee; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors wants County fees to be assessed for required applications and associated documents in order to keep pace with the personnel, processing and inspection requirements due to application and project complexities, and still maintain effective, quality and responsible service; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this _____day of _______ 2004, That the Department of Community Development’s fee schedule be, and is hereby, revised as follows:


Zoning, Planning and Engineering




Proposed Change


Zoning Permits, Variances, Appeals, Amendments & Special Permits:





·          Subdivision Potential Research Request for all Zoning District categories


RA/RC Only ($100)


$100 for all Zoning District Categories

·          Appeals to the Board of Supervisors (e.g., Proffer Statements)




$500 (Fee returned if appellant prevails)










Note that the Street addressing program is being transferred to the GIS Department.  The Department of Community Development will still process and collect the fees for GIS.

·          Street Sign Application


$25 plus cost of the sign


GIS:  $30 plus cost of the sign






·          Street Name Change (Cost of the sign will be reimbursed if not approved)


$25 plus postage, public hearing advertising and sign cost


GIS:  $30 plus postage, public hearing advertising and sign cost






·          Street Resolutions/VDOT Acceptance into the State System


$250 for each street


No Change: Continues to be the responsibility of the Department of Community Development.






·          Street Address:  Administrative Subdivision, Family Transfer, Large Lot Subdivision Street




$10 per residential lot






·          Street Address: All Other Residential Subdivisions, including single-family attached (Timing: Final Plat Application)




$100, plus $10 per residential lot







·          Major Site Plan (Including residential apartment and Non-Residential buildings)




$100, plus $10 per business address