June 21st BOS Work Session Overview



1.      Pictorial Overview of Operations

a.       Landfill

b.      Recycling

c.       CDD

d.      Methane Gas to Electricity

e.       Landfill Convenience Site

2.      Capacity

a.       Sanitary Landfill

b.      CDD

3.      Financial Overview

a.       Long Range Projection

b.      Capital needs

                                                   i.      New Cells

                                                 ii.      Leachate Contracts

                                                iii.      Leachate Treatment

                                               iv.      Closure CDD & Sanitary Landfill

4.      Special Efforts

a.       Leachate recirculation

b.      Daily cover Posi Shell

c.       Household Hazardous Waste

d.      Electronic or E-waste

e.       Tire Amnesty

f.        Recycling Education

g.       Trash-to-Treasure

5.      Future Issues

a.       Loss of CDD Operation

b.      Land acquisition

c.       Alternate means to landfilling

6.      Future needs for Convenience Sites Household waste/Recycling

a.       Morrisville

b.      New Baltimore

c.       Marshall

d.      Markham

e.       Landfill

f.        Catlett

*Cover tonnages and site usage