A Resolution of Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute the Asphalt Trail Maintenance Agreement between the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors and the Woods at Warrenton Homeowners Association, Inc.

            WHEREAS, Woods at Warrenton is a residential subdivision located in Fauquier County and the Center Magisterial District; and

            WHEREAS, the Woods at Warrenton Home Owners Association is responsible for maintaining the common areas of the development including asphalt trails; and

            WHEREAS, a portion of asphalt trail is located with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) right-of-way at Swift Crossing Drive; and

            WHEREAS, that portion of the asphalt trail which falls within the right-of-way intended for maintenance by VDOT requires a VDOT Land Use Permit to occupy such r-o-w; and

            WHEREAS, VDOT will only issue permits for maintenance work within its right-of-way to governmental entities with the capacity to complete the work; now, therefore, be it

            RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 9th day of July 2009, That the County Administrator be, and is hereby, authorized to execute the attached Asphalt Trail Maintenance Agreement which identifies the Woods at Warrenton Home Owners Association as the third party to perform all maintenance and future repairs and improvements of the Swift Crossing Drive trail subject to the specified terms of that agreement.


                                                                                    A Copy Teste




                                                                                    Paul S. McCulla

                                                                                    Clerk to the Board of Supervisors



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