AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND Chapter 7 of the County Code to Establish a Central Absentee Precinct for Town Elections and to Relocate the Polling Place for Casanova Precinct from the Dominion Virginia Office to Lord Fairfax Community College.

WHEREAS, the offices of Dominion Virginia are no longer available as a polling place for the Casanova precinct; and

WHEREAS, Lord Fairfax Community College has agreed to serve as a polling place for the Casanova precinct; and

WHEREAS, the Code of Virginia authorizes the County to adopt a central absentee polling place in order to preclude the need to count absentee ballots separately at each precinct; and

WHEREAS 24.2-712 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the governing body of a county or city to establish one or more central absentee precincts in the courthouse or other public buildings for the purpose of receiving, counting, and recording absentee ballots cast in the locality; and

WHEREAS 24.2-101 of the Code of Virginia gives the county electoral board responsibility for administering elections in towns located totally or in greater part within the county; and

WHEREAS 24.2-710 of the Code of Virginia requires counting absentee ballots separately for each precinct after polls close on election day unless a central absentee precinct has been established; and

WHEREAS a central absentee precinct for town and county elections will serve the best interests of the citizenry;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 9th day of July, 2009, That Sections 7-2 and 7-4 of the Fauquier County Code be amended as follows:

Sec. 7-2.  Same--Enumerated.

The precincts for each magisterial district and the polling places for each precinct shall be as set forth below:

(1)      Cedar Run magisterial district:   

a.   Opal precinct, Liberty High School.

b.   Casanova precinct, Dominion Virginia Power Building Lord Fairfax Community College.

c.   Catlett precinct, Catlett Fire Hall.

d.   Kettle Run precinct, St. Stephen's Church.

e.   Lois precinct, Grove Baptist Church.

Subparagraphs (2)-(5) are unchanged.

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Sec. 7-4.  Central absentee voter election district

There is hereby established a central absentee voter election district which shall receive, count and record all absentee ballots that are properly cast in all elections held in the county. The central absentee voter election district shall be located at the County of Fauquier Central Offices, 40 Culpeper Street, Warrenton, Virginia, 20186.

There is hereby established a permanent central absentee precinct to be used for all elections held in Fauquier County and any incorporated town therein.  The polling place for such precinct shall be located in the Office of the General Registrar located at 32 Waterloo Street, Suite 207, Warrenton 20186.  Such central absentee precinct shall be operated as provided for in 24.2-712 of the Code of Virginia, as amended.

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