Public Safety Training Facility

1)      Background

Previous Board of Supervisors’ Actions

·         3/07:  CIP Project Approved – Appropriation $1,000,000

·         7/07:  Grant Application for Burn Building - $430,000 Available for the project 

·         8/07:  Design Contract Approved – Contract  $164,000

·         12/07:  Purchase of 8 acre parcel abutting proposed site - $222,700

2)      Current Budget Status

Appropriation                                                              Available

$1,000,000                                                                  $741,000*

*In process of closing out purchase order for design services.  Purchase contract on acquisition signed.  Closing to be determined.

3)      Need for Project – To Meet Basic Training/Certification Requirements

Sheriff’s Office – Firing Range

The Department is required to provide training for all sworn personnel and to provide certification that personnel meet state standards.  This requires certification in the use of firearms each 6 months.  In the past, the Department has used the range at the Warrenton Training Center.  However the time available for use of the facility continues to be restricted and is now limited to weekends.  This impacts the cost of training requiring overtime, schedule changes and travel expense estimated at $28,000 annually.  Use of the range is limited so that desired training is not possible and efforts become focused on the certification requirements.

Fire Services

An important part of the fire training program is the opportunity for field training.  The in-County burn building previously used for training was abandoned several years ago due to deterioration of that structure.  The Fire Services now seek to use facilities in neighboring jurisdictions of Prince William, Loudoun and Orange counties.  The use of these facilities requires additional fuel costs, time and greater scheduling difficulties.  In order to provide training for new fire personnel as well as training opportunities for existing staff, additional facilities are needed.

4)      Proposed Actions

a.        Develop a Master Plan concept and make application for a Special Exception Permit.

b.    Develop a Phase Approach to create basic facilities.

·         Firing Range Phase One

·         Site for Burning Building to take advantage of State grant for training building

c.        Prepare major site plan for Phase One improvements.  Seek cost effective approach to storm water management, access and basic support facilities.

d.       Construct Phase One Improvements.

            Target dates will be established for each of these required project components. 

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