May 31, 2007

Planning Commission Work Session

Summary Notes/Talking Points

Paddocks of Kastle Green, Preliminary Plat and Special Exception Application

The following is a summary of the discussion points made in the Comment Response Letter to County Staff regarding the subject 223 acre property currently zoned to allow for an 11 lot, by-right development:

  • Administrative Lot:  There is an existing administrative lot within the parent track that will be vacated and incorporated into the overall plan.  The non-common open space is being provided for this proposal.  No common open space is required in that the proposed lots average over 2 acres.  The lot tabulation has been clarified to better reflect the property breakdown.
  • This Preliminary Plat Application also includes a Waiver Request for Cul-de-sac length, Category 20 Special Exception for On-site Alternative Waste Water Treatment Plants under the Commonwealth’s VPDES General Permit 9 VAC 25-110 and for Category 23 Special Exceptions for work in the floodplain for road crossings, stormwater management/BMP facilities and associated temporary erosion and sedimentation controls during construction. This proposal does not anticipate stormwater management or BMP facility construction directly on-line with perennial streams. 
  • Several of the proposed Estate Lots within this development imply that some floodplain as currently mapped by FEMA exists within the lots.  However, each of these lots contains all of the minimum area as required by the cluster lot provision outside of the mapped floodplain. Each lot proposed for this development is sized to provide approximately 2 acres to create Estate Lots.  To provide a reasonable geometric shape to the lots a portion of floodplain is incorporated into some lots.  The subject floodplain fringe as currently mapped is not needed for open space in that adequate open space is provided with this development.
  • The existing buildings on the property will be taken down prior to final subdivision.
  • The theme of this development is focused on equestrian activities.  It is also adjacent to a public golf course.  Therefore the suggestion by Fauquier County Parks for a donation of an additional $2,260 per unit is not appropriate.
  • It is intended that the streets within this development will be public. 
  • The proposed Right-of-Way has been increased from 50 ft. to 63 ft. to allow for VDOT’s current standards for ditch section roads.
  • Sight Distance profiles have been added to the Preliminary Plat and the location selected for the proposed entrance was to provide an improved sight distance and to allow for the construction of the floodplain crossing where it allows for more design flexibility and less constraint from the existing Ritchie Road.  As it currently exists, Ritchie Road lies within the mapped FEMA floodplain.  As such, the connection and floodplain crossing of the proposed road is constrained by the existing conditions that will most likely make compliance with all desired design standards difficult, if not impossible to meet.  However, the location of the entrance provides the best opportunity to come close to typical design standards at the stream crossing.  The intersection will be designed to VDOT geometric standards and will meet the requirements of the standard intersection landing, which may preclude the standards for vertical clearance of surface water drainage to the existing creek. 
  • A detailed floodplain study will be part of the final design.  It is anticipated that final approval of the construction plans and profiles will be contingent on the acceptance and approval of the floodplain study.
  • As indicated, this development application includes individual alternative wastewater treatment facilities for each lot.  The VDH has indicated that no other alternative exists for these lots.
  • The systems as proposed meet the requirements/conditions of the Commonwealth of Virginia General Permit (9VAC 25-100) for treatment and discharge of treated effluent from single family users of less than 1000 gallons per day.
  • Being sensitive to Fauquier County’s concern for direct discharge, this project proposed to intercept the permitted discharge for re-use into designed evapo-transpiration beds where all or most of the treated effluent would be consumed by plant uptake, transpiration and evaporation.  This is based on studies conducted by Dr. Alfred Bernhart with the University of Toronto.   While ET rates vary throughout the US, for our area a rate of 0.13 gal/per day/sq. ft. is a conservative design number.
  • Each lot within the development will be part of a Homeowners Association.  The requirements of this association will be provided to the County for review and approval prior to approval of the final subdivision plat.  This Association will contract with a service provider to monitor and maintain all of these treatment units as a block.  This will include the monitoring of treatment performance as required by the Commonwealth permit, conducting routine maintenance, responding to service calls and making repairs as necessary to keep the treatment units performing properly. 
  • Homeowners will be made aware of treatment facility operating functions and their responsibilities in being aware of any performance issues.  They will be provided with numbers to call in the event that any alarm or signal goes off or if there are any signs of interruptions in plant operations.  This information will be maintained by the Homeowners Association leadership and with the Contracted Service Provider. 
  • The tanks in these treatment units have some reserve capacity that should provide a buffer between any alarm and the time in which the Service Provider can respond.  Prompt response will be part of the contract agreement with the Service Provider.       


1.  Preliminary and SE Plat

2.  Comment Response Letter

3.  Septic and Aerobic Treatment Train Exhibit

4.  9 VAC 25-110

5.  Acceptable ATU listing from VDH

6.  Aquarobic information on the Mini Plant and Evapo-Transpiration Beds

7.  Copies of the last 5 years of monitoring data from VDH on Kastle Greens Golf Course. 


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