A Resolution to DENY comprehensive plan amendment cpam05-ct-005 and SPECIAL EXCEPTIONs SPEX05-ct-017, spex05-ct-018, spex05-ct-019 TO Allow FOR A high school

            WHEREAS, Fauquier County School Board, applicant, has requested a Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPAM05-CT-005; a Category 5 Special Exception SPEX05-CT-017, a Category 20 Special Exception SPEX05-CT-018 and a Category 26 Special Exception SPEX05-CT-019 to allow for the construction of a high school on the property identified by PIN 7904-66-5674-000; and

WHEREAS, the requested applications consisting of Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPAM05-CT-005 would allow for the inclusion of the proposed school site in the New Baltimore Service District and allow for extension of central utilities to serve the proposed school; Special Exception SPEX05-CT-017 a Category 5 Special Exception, would allow for a school in the RA zoning district; Special Exception SPEX05-CT-018 a Category 20 Special Exception would allow for an above ground sewer pumping facility; and Special Exception SPEX05-CT-019 a Category 26 Special Exception would allow for a reduction of non-common open space; and


WHEREAS, on March 31, 2005, the Planning Commission held a public hearing on all of the applications and voted to recommend denial of the Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the Board of Supervisors for the following reasons:


1.      The proposal for is not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.


2.      The proposal failed to demonstrate that there were no other alternatives available, nor did it show that any other options were pursued and then eliminated due to cost, location, or other reason.


; and


            WHEREAS, on April 26, 2005, the Planning Commission considered the three (3) Special Exceptions and recommended that the Board of Supervisors deny these applications; and


            WHEREAS, on May 12, 2005, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors conducted a public hearing and considered the written and oral testimony; and

WHEREAS, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors concurred with the judgment of the Planning Commission and finds that the Comprehensive Plan Amendment is not warranted for this request and the applicant has not met the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance General Standards of Article 5-006 nor the specific standards of Articles 5-2002, 5-2600 and 5-2601; now, therefore, be it

              RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 9th day of June 2005, That Comprehensive Plan Amendment CPAM05-CT-005 and its three (3) companion Special Exceptions SPEX05-CT-017, SPEX05-CT-018, SPEX05-CT-019, E.C. Investors, LLC, Owner, and Fauquier County School Board, Applicant, be, and are hereby, denied.


A Copy Teste





Paul S. McCulla

Clerk to the Board of Supervisors