DATE:                        May 22, 2002

TO:                 Members, Planning Commission

FROM:           Elizabeth A. Cook, Chief of Planning

RE:                  Jamison Farms, Uses in the Floodplain (Two road crossings and other grading)

SE # 02-S-19


The applicant is requesting special exception approval for disturbance in the floodplain to permit construction of two road crossings and other grading in association with proposed recreational uses.  The subject property is proposed to be developed into a 103-lot residential subdivision using existing R-1 zoning.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing on this case on April 25, 2002, and voted to postpone decision for 30 days to allow for additional review.  The applicant and his representative spoke in favor of the request and one speaker in opposition expressed concern over the possible effects (flooding) on downstream properties and ecological concerns over disturbing a floodplain.


As stated in the original staff report, the applicant has prepared a floodplain study indicating no impacts to offsite floodplain elevations, and which also provides a more accurate indication of existing floodplain details beyond the 1979 FEMA maps.

The applicant is requesting to use box culverts; however, the Planning Commission has typically conditioned the use of “conspan”-type designs with other floodplain crossing special exceptions.   


The Board of Supervisors approved the preliminary plat for the 103-lot subdivision on May 20, 2002.  This application is the next step in that two-step preliminary application process.  Should the Planning Commission choose to forward this special exception with a recommendation of approval, the staff recommends that such action be based on the reasons cited in the original staff report and subject to the proposed development conditions dated May 17, 2002.  It should be noted that condition #7 contains two (2) options for the Planning Commission’s consideration.  Option A would provide for a conspan-type design, while Option B would provide for the box culverts proposed by the applicant. 


1.       Conditions of Approval

2.       Original Staff Report