WHEREAS, Fauquier County has a variety of issues and interests which require legislative action by the Virginia General Assembly; and


WHEREAS, the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) has requested submission of such legislative proposals for consideration in the 2005 VACo Legislative Program; and


WHEREAS, from time to time the Board of Supervisors may revise its Legislative Program to include additional legislative priorities and issues; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 19th day of July 2004, That the Board of Supervisors’ 2005 Legislative Program be, and is hereby, adopted as follows:



  • Adequate Public Facilities - Fauquier County supports Adequate Public Facilities legislation, which would permit high growth localities, as part of their subdivision or zoning ordinance, to determine whether public facilities are adequate to support services which will be required by the proposed subdivision or rezoning.
  • Impact Fees - Fauquier County continues to support legislation that would allow localities the option to assess impact fees for School Construction and other essential government services in lieu of voluntary cash proffers.
  • School Funding - Fauquier County supports the continued full funding of the State’s share of the Standards of Quality, full funding of any categorical educational mandate, including pay raises, and full funding of the State’s portion of the Standards of Learning relating to instructional technology. Fauquier County also supports increased funding for School Construction.
  • Cost of Competing - Fauquier County respectfully requests that those State legislators who represent Fauquier County introduce legislation to incorporate Fauquier County into the Cost of Competing Schools and Northern Virginia Differential Funding Formula.
  • Local Revenue Authority - Fauquier County opposes any measure that would eliminate or reduce any local government revenue authority.
  • Local Government Zoning and Land Use Authority - Fauquier County opposes any further dilution of the zoning and land use regulatory authority of local governments.
  • Increased Local Authority - Fauquier County supports legislation to provide for increased local authority in planning, zoning and revenue matters through a statutory relaxation of the Dillon Rule. However, the relaxation of the Dillon Rule should not be accompanied by a shift of responsibility for various programs from the State government to local government.
  • Purchase of Development Rights - Fauquier County supports increased State funding for the purchase of conservation easements and other land conservation needs.
  • Land Use Taxation - Fauquier County supports legislation that would lengthen the Land Use Value Taxation roll-back period to at least ten years.
  • Water Resources Planning - Fauquier County supports a comprehensive study of the Commonwealth’s surface and groundwater resources.


  • Safety Improvements to Route 28 - Fauquier County supports funding for improvements to Route 28, especially between Routes 29 and 17.


  • Full funding of the state aid formula for public libraries, and increased funding of the state library technology plan.