A RESOLUTION FOR PROPOSED Department of Community Development Fee Schedule Revisions


WHEREAS, the Department of Community Development and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) have several areas for specific land development-related applications which have no assigned fee; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors wants County fees to be assessed for required applications and associated documents in order to keep pace with the personnel, processing and inspection requirements due to application and project complexities, and still maintain effective, quality and responsible service; now, therefore, be it


RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 19th day of July 2004, That the Department of Community Development’s fee schedule be revised as follows:



Zoning, Planning and Engineering




Proposed Change



Zoning Permits, Variances, Appeals, Amendments & Special Permits:






·         Subdivision Potential Research Request for all Zoning District categories


RA/RC Only ($100)


$100 for all Zoning District Categories


·         Appeals to the Board of Supervisors (e.g., Proffer Statements)




$500 (Fee returned if appellant prevails)












Note that the Street addressing program is being transferred to the GIS Department.  The Department of Community Development will still process and collect the fees for GIS.


·         Street Sign Application


$25 plus cost of the sign


GIS:  $30 plus cost of the sign








·         Street Name Change (Cost of the sign will be reimbursed if not approved)


$25 plus postage, public hearing advertising and sign cost


GIS:  $30 plus postage, public hearing advertising and sign cost








·         Street Resolutions/VDOT Acceptance into the State System


$250 for each street


No Change: Continues to be the responsibility of the Department of Community Development.








·         Street Address:  Administrative Subdivision, Family Transfer, Large Lot Subdivision Street




$10 per residential lot








·         Street Address: All Other Residential Subdivisions, including single-family attached (Timing: Final Plat Application)




$100, plus $10 per residential lot









·         Major Site Plan (Including residential apartment and Non-Residential buildings)




$100, plus $10 per business address