Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:


Joe Winkelmann, Vice-Chairman, Center District Supervisor


July 21, 2003

Staff Lead:



G. Robert Lee, County Administrator


County Administration


Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc. Presentation on the Groundwater Study for the New Baltimore District


Topic Description:

Jamie Emery, President of Emery & Garrett Groundwater, Inc. (EGGI), will brief the Board of Supervisors on the previous results of the groundwater resource study conducted in New Baltimore.  One of the key reasons for that study was to determine whether there is ample groundwater to meet New Baltimore Service District public water supply demand at full build-out, without relying on the formerly proposed Auburn Dam as a supplemental source. 

Other Basic Topics:

Mr. Emery is also prepared to discuss groundwater resources and quality questions regarding the following topics:

                Groundwater resource and well system capabilities to serve the New Baltimore District and limited portions of the Warrenton Service District;

                Frytown contamination issue; and

                Central sports complex (potable and irrigation needs).

Infrastructure questions need to be referred to Earle Douple, Chairman of the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (WSA) Board and Barney Durrett, General Manager, WSA.

Other Information:

                Warrenton Chase Residential Subdivision. The referenced application has a special exception regarding an above ground water storage facility location onsite.  The applicant has proposed to connect the project to WSA public water service.  The Planning Commission, in a May 13th work session, was advised by Earle Douple, Chairman of the WSA Board, along with Barney Durrett, WSA General Manager, that portions of the Warrenton Service District (e.g., Cedar Knolls, Millwood, Terranova) are already served through interconnected well systems from New Baltimore.  Discussions focused on groundwater resource capacity to support development in both districts.

It should be noted that The Plan for Water in Chapter Nine, Public Facilities & Utilities, of the Comprehensive Plan incorporated by reference the Camp Dresser & McKee (CDM) Water and Wastewater Master Plan (March 1997).  The WSA operates its largest water system countywide within the New Baltimore Service District, which provides limited extensions into the eastern portion of the Warrenton Service District.  The CDM Plan identified future line extensions of the WSA public service into the vicinity of Frytown and the Warrenton Chase location.  Within the referenced CDM plan, those lines and associated improvements (e.g., Water Storage), which must be designed and constructed to WSA specifications, had to be funded and/or constructed by the proposed developments needing that service.

                Frytown Wells.  As part of the Planning Commission Warrenton Chase review and public hearings for a series of special exception applications, some residents requested the extension of public water to the Frytown community. Concerns still persist regarding a long-term contamination problem. The contaminants of perchloroethylene and tetrachloroelthene are the identified problems.  The County provides bottled water or filters to five homes along Ridge Lane , Duhollow and Frytown Roads.  The Board of Supervisors will consider the Warrenton Chase special exception applications at its July 21st public hearing.  The Planning Commission recommended approval of the water storage facility special exception request with six conditions:

1.      The Fauquier County Board of Supervisors determines that the proposed extension of water service by the WSA can be made without detrimental effect on the residents now served or planned to be served by the New Baltimore well system.

2.      That the physical extension of water lines shall be made at the sole expense of the applicant, with no costs transferred to the County or WSA.

3.      That the physical extension of water lines shall be made in a manner that provides adequate lateral crossings of both Frytown and Duhollow Roads, as determined by WSA, to facilitate the connection to public water for current residents on either side of these two roads.

4.      The Applicant shall extend water line service to those lots in Frytown with designated contaminated wells that are under management of the Department of Emergency Services.

Added by the Planning Commission

5.      Careful consideration to be given to the location of these water lines to be sensitive to existing floodplain, erosive soils, private improvements, and natural resources.

6.       The waterlines to be a minimum diameter of 6 to 8 inches to accommodate fire hydrants to assist Fire and Rescue and to provide for a safer community.

The Planning Commission also recommended that the Board of Supervisors have the WSA aggressively pursue an additional production well in Center District to supplement and link with the New Baltimore system. 


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