WHEREAS, Llewellyn J. Evans, Owner, has submitted a preliminary subdivision plat for The Reserve at Glanaman for 23 single-family lots on approximately 47.56 acres; and

            WHEREAS, the Fauquier County Planning Commission voted to approve Preliminary Plat #PP02-S-12 – The Reserve at Glanaman, subject to conditions; and            

WHEREAS, at its meeting on July 21, 2003 , the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors approved the companion Special Exception application; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 21st day of July 2003, That the Board does hereby approve Preliminary Plat #PP02-S-12 – The Reserve at Glanaman, subject to the following revised conditions:

1.      The Final Plat shall be in general conformance with the Preliminary Subdivision Plat entitled "The Reserve at Glanaman" dated June 9, 2003 and received in the Planning Office on June 9, 2003 . 

  1. Prior to Final Plat and Final Construction Plan approval, the applicant shall submit a detailed landscape plan as required pursuant to Section 7-600 of the Zoning Ordinance for review.

3.      All road design and construction shall be in accordance with VDOT’s Subdivision Street Requirements, Road and Bridge Standards, and Drainage Manual.

4.      At the time the streets are accepted into the Secondary System of State Highways for maintenance, a permit application, as-built plans and continuous bond will need to be provided by whomever is maintaining the private waterline to cover the waterline within the right-of-way.

5.      The sight distance profile shall indicate the design speed or posted speed used to calculate the sight distance.

6.      Details for the entrance on Route 29 that is to be used for the emergency access shall be provided to ensure the entrance is sufficient to accommodate emergency vehicles.

7.      The typical section for the Route 605 improvements shall include the width and slope of the existing through lane, and the width of the right-of-way.  The typical section should indicate a wedge section to tie into the existing pavement. 

8.      The right-of-way width on Nicole Way shall transition at a defined point rather than the gradual narrowing.

9.      It appears that the easement for the waterline is being shown crossing the right-of-way, but there cannot be any easements within the proposed right-of-way dedication.

10.  If any work outside of the proposed road construction is to be conducted prior to house construction (overlot grading, cut and fill on individual lots, stockpiles, borrow areas, etc.), these areas shall be included in the E&S plan on the final construction plans.

11.  All intermittent streams shall be protected during construction.

12.  Sediment traps shall be used only for areas with less than three (3) acres of total drainage. 

13.  Sediment basins with drainage areas over twenty (20) acres shall be sized using the TR-55 method.

14.  Disturbance of cover on steep slopes shall be avoided, if at all possible.  Where needed, soil stabilization matting shall be used.

15.  Clearing and grading shall be limited to those areas needed to accommodate the proposed roads and infrastructure as indicated on Sheet 10 of the Preliminary Plat.

16.  Approval of over-lot grading plans and lot-specific erosion and sediment control plans shall be reviewed for approval prior to the receipt of the final building permits.

17.  All State and Federal permitting requirements shall be met prior to Final Construction Plan approval.

18.  A final floodplain study and dam construction plan shall be submitted for review prior to Final Construction Plan approval.

19.  The Applicant shall obtain a CLOMR/LOMR from FEMA prior to Final Construction Plan approval.

20.  All drainfield areas are to be surrounded by safety fencing and no construction traffic shall cross nor shall land disturbance occur in these areas.  Fencing of these areas is to be verified by County Staff before issuance of the Land Disturbing permit.

21.  A Virginia Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS) shall adjust the Type I Soil Map soil lines onto the final plat.  This shall be done in the field and checked for any additional soil information to be added to the final scale plat map.

  1. A signature block shall be placed on this plat for the CPSS to sign which states:

Preliminary Soils Information Provided by the Fauquier County Soil Scientist Office via a Type I Soil Map (1"=400') Dated___________________.

This Virginia Certified Professional Soil Scientist has field reviewed and adjusted the preliminary soil information onto the final plat (1"=???') and certifies that this is the Best Available Soils Information to Date for Lots 1-??.


Va. Certified Professional Soil Scientist             &ndsp;           DATE

CPSS #3401-  (³âF¼;           &

  1. Interpretive information from the Type I Soil Map for each mapping unit shown on the above plat shall be placed on the same soil map.  Also, asYp ì Spot Symbols Legend shall be placed on the plat map to identify spot symbols.
  2. The followX¿tatements under Home Sites and Road Construction shall be placed on the same plat map:
    1. "The County recommends that no below grade basements be constructed on soil mappong units 12A, 15B, 17B, and 482B due to wetness unless the foundation drainage systeSPFìthe structure is designed by a Virginia Licensed Professional Engineer."
    2. "The County recommends that before road or home construction begins in soil mapping units 140B, 140C, 140D, 340B, 340C, and 340D a site specific evaluation de conducted so that shallow to bedrock area are identified.  These areas may require blasting if deep cuts or excavation is done."
    3. "Structures placed on mapping unit 482B will require a geotechnical study and the foundation will have be designed by a Virginia Licensed Profesuional Engineer in accordance with the Uniform Statewide Building Code."
  3. The foundation drainlines shall be daylighted for gravity flow on all structures.
  4. This soils information will need to be provided by the applieant to the Building Department at the time of application.
  5. This plat will be filed in the front office of Community Development and used exclusively for obtaining soils information for this proposed subdivision.
  6. This map shall be submitred to the Soil Scientist Office before Final Plat approval is made.
  7.  Maintenance access shall be provided to the well lot.
  8. The grade associated with the proposed entrance feature shall be built&up to help avoid the 10-year flood elevation.  The entrance feature shall be designed to allow water to flow through.  The Zoning Office and the County Engineer 's Office shall approve the final design of the entrance.
  9. The fire protection system shall be designed and constructed based on review and consultation with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.