Owner/Applicant:                                               Board of Supervisors’ Meeting Date:

Calvin L. Ritchie                                                                                 July 21, 2003

Staff Lead:                                                                                   Department:

Elizabeth A. Cook                                                               Community Development

Magisterial District:                                                                           PIN:

Cedar Run                                                                        7808-52-4186-000

Topic: An Ordinance to Approve Rezoning Request RZ03-CR-15 Calvin L. Ritchie,

Topic Description:

The property owner is seeking approval to rezone approximately 1.26 acres of a 96-acre parcel from Rural Agriculture (RA) to Industrial Park (I-1).  Currently, the parcel has mixed RA and I-1 zoning.  The property owner has a potential lessee who would like to develop an abattoir, a meat processing facility, on a portion of the property, which requires a Special Permit in the I-1 district.  The existing Zoning Map indicates a portion of the proposed abattoir is located on RA zoned property.  The map was changed to reflect a 1998 rezoning.  The actual extent of that rezoning was erroneously shown graphically on the Zoning Map. 

The Board of Zoning Appeals has previously approved a Special Permit to allow this activity on less than one (1) acre of Mr. Ritchie's property.  It was subsequently discovered that the existing Zoning Map incorrectly reflected the line between the RA and I-1 districts, placing the planned abattoir partially within the RA district.  This rezoning corrects the Zoning Map error and extends the I-1 area to include an existing storage shed and driveway on the I-1 portion of the site.

On April 21, 2003 , the Board of Supervisors adopted a resolution waiving the application fee for the proposed Zoning Map Amendment to shift the RA and the I-1 zoning line, so that the proposed abattoir would be located entirely within the area zoned I-1.

Land Area, Location, Zoning, and Neighboring Land Use:

The subject ±1.26 acres are located on the south side of Ritchie Road (Route 644), just east of its intersection with Marsh Road (Route 17).  Nearby industrial/commercial uses include Payne's Parking.  As shown on the following map, the subject property is located immediately adjacent to the existing I-1 zoned property.

Location Map

Action Requested of the Board of Supervisors:

The Board of Supervisors is requested to conduct a public hearing on the proposed Rezoning request and take action on RZ03-CR-15.  An Ordinance reflecting the Planning Commission’s recommendation of approval is included for the Board’s consideration.

Staff Analysis:

Staff and the referral agencies have reviewed the proposed development with the previously approved Special Permit and will address any site development issues with the required site plan.

The proposed abattoir will require major site plan approval, as would any other new industrial or commercial use of the property.  During site plan review the technical and engineering requirements will be identified and must be addressed by the developer.  Any necessary infrastructure improvements will either be constructed or bonded for construction prior to the approval of the site plan.

The applicant's Proffer Statement indicates that the uses on the property will be limited to the following:

  1. Those uses that utilize agricultural and forestal products;
  2. Production of ethanol, wood pellets and other similar wood products;
  3. Contractors offices, shops, and material storage yard;
  4. Agricultural uses identified in Section 3-318 of the Zoning Ordinance;
  5. Wholesale and processing uses listed in Section 3-315.2, 315.3, and 315.8 of the Zoning Ordinance; and
  6. A meat processing facility, with retail sales associated with Category 17 uses, with no outdoor stockyard.

Planning Commission Recommendation:

On June 26, 2003 , the Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposed Rezoning.  There were no speakers on the request.  The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Rezoning application, subject to the proffered development conditions presented by the applicant, which are included as Attachment 2.


  1. Rezoning Plat
  2. Proffer Statement