Joe Winkelmann, Center District Supervisor                                  July 21, 2003

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Kevin Burke, Deputy County Attorney

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Topic               Entrance Corridor Overlay District Text Amendment

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The attached draft ordinance provides a mechanism to permit the creation of Entrance Corridor Overlay Districts in the County.  Section 15.2-2306 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the creation of such districts along streets or highways which constitute “significant routes of tourist access to the locality or to designated historic landmarks, buildings, structures or districts.”  Upon designation of such an area, the Ordinance may require review to determine whether proposed construction along the tourist route is “architecturally compatible” with  the historic landmarks, buildings or structures located in the destination.  The ordinance as drafted is procedurally similar to the current Historic District Overlay set out in Article 4 of the zoning ordinance.  In the event such an ordinance is adopted, it authorizes the Board of Supervisors to designate areas within the County as entrance corridor overlay districts and to establish standards for such districts.  

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors

Refer the proposed Ordinance to the Planning Commission for its review and consideration.

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Fauquier County Planning Commission

Office of Community Development