WHEREAS, Fauquier County has a variety of issues and interests which require legislative action by the Virginia General Assembly; and 

WHEREAS, the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) has requested submission of such legislative proposals for consideration in the 2008 VACo Legislative Program; and

WHEREAS, from time to time the Board of Supervisors may revise its Legislative Program to include additional legislative priorities and issues; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 9th day of August 2007, That the Board of Supervisors’ 2008 Legislative Program be, and is hereby, adopted as follows: 


·         School Funding – Fauquier County supports discontinuing the penalty for conserving land under the Land Use Value Taxation Program in determining state support for school funding.  Implementation of an adjustment to the distribution of school funds that recognizes the actual taxable value of land enrolled in the state’s oldest land conservation program.  Fauquier County supports the continued full funding of the State’s share of the Standards of Quality, the full funding of any categorical educational mandate, including pay raises, and the full funding of the State’s portion of the Standards of Learning relating to instructional technology.  Fauquier County also supports increased funding for school construction.

·         Local Government Zoning, Land Use and Revenue Authority – As a general policy position, Fauquier County opposes any measure that would eliminate or reduce any local government zoning, land use or revenue authority.  Fauquier County opposes the continued imposition of unfunded state mandates upon local governments.

·         Purchase of Development Rights and Conservation Fauquier County supports increased State funding for the purchase of conservation easements and other land conservation needs.

·         Affordable Housing Fauquier County supports the Virginia Housing Coalition’s proposal to establish a Virginia Housing Trust Fund, capitalized with an ongoing source of State funding.

·         Water Resources Planning Fauquier County supports a comprehensive, State-funded study of the Commonwealth’s surface and groundwater resources.

·         Libraries Fauquier County supports full funding of the state aid formula for public libraries, and increased funding for library technology.

·         Transportation Priorities Fauquier County supports State funding for the following top three transportation priorities:

1.      Relocation and reconstruction of Route 215 from Routes 15/29 to Vint Hill.  Completion of design work for the ultimate interchange at Route 215 and Routes 15/29.

2.      Spot safety adjustments and intersection improvements (including turn lanes and signalization) in the corridor between Route 15/29 and the Prince William County border.

3.      Construction of the Opal Interchange at Routes 15/29/17.


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