A Resolution establishing the periodic revalidation fee for parcels ENROLLED in the SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FOR LAND PRESERVATION program

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Fauquier County adopted an Ordinance  pursuant to Title 58.1, Article 4 of the Code of Virginia, 1950,  for the provision of Special Assessment for Land Preservation; and

WHEREAS, Title 58.1-3234 provides that each locality that has adopted such an Ordinance may provide for the imposition of a revalidation fee every sixth year; and

            WHEREAS, such revalidation fee shall not, however, exceed the application fee currently charged; and

WHEREAS, the last fee set for this purpose was in 2000 for the 2001 revalidation period; and

            WHEREAS, this resolution has been drafted to establish the fees for the upcoming revalidation period applicable to parcels that will be seeking revalidation for the 2007 tax year; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 10th day of August 2006, That the following fee be, and is hereby, established: 

A flat fee of $50.00 plus $0.50 per acre.


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