Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Planning Commission


August 11, 2005

Staff Lead:



Frederick P.D. Carr, Director


Community Development



A Resolution Adopting the Text Amendment to Chapter 6 - Warrenton Service District Plan


Topic Description:


The text amendment to the Warrenton Service District Plan includes proposed changes to land use designations, service district boundaries, mapped clarification of the limits of public sewer and water service, as well as more detailed recommendations regarding the transportation network and access.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:


Conduct a public hearing and consider adoption of the attached resolution.


Financial Impact Analysis:




Summary Staff Report:


1.      Background Information:


On November 17, 2003, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Warrenton Service District element of the Comprehensive Plan. Based on Supervisor Richard Robison’s subsequent request, the Board of Supervisors appointed a Citizen Planning Committee on March 14, 2004 (refer to the attached list). The Committee’s assignment was, for example, to review final element revisions that were adopted in 2003 and recommend refinements as appropriate, with special focus placed: on Community Business and Campus Office & Employment land use designations, service district boundary adjustments, consideration of more detailed transportation network improvements for Board of Supervisors consideration. 


Examples of just some of the Committee’s recommended actions or areas of refinement are as follows:


ü      Affirmed the Community Business land use designations along U.S. 15/29 occurring north of Warrenton;


ü      Changed the Moriah Farm from its Campus & Employment land use designation to Rural Agriculture;


ü      Removed Moriah Farm and Central Park Complex from the Service District;


ü      Recommended a revised street access plan for the general area affecting the restaurants, car dealerships and the Comfort Inn along U.S. Route 15/29;


ü      Recommended transportation network options for the eastern service district to better link and serve the growing Town and County neighborhoods; and


ü      Added the collector road connecting Rt. 211 and Rt. 17 as a last resort, if improvements on Broadview Avenue fail to effectively move anticipated levels of increased traffic volumes.  This roadway option was to have a more neighborhood character, rather than serve as a regional arterial.


The Committee unanimously approved the draft Warrenton Service District Plan on February 12, 2005, and presented it to the Planning Commission at its March 31, 2005 meeting.


2.      Key Discussions at the Planning Commission:


The public hearing was conducted on April 26, 2005.  Significant public testimony and concerns were raised during the hearing from Gold Cup, Silver Cup and other adjoining neighborhood residents that spoke in opposition to Timber Fence Parkway becoming a 4-lane divided connection between Route 211 and Route 17. 


Considered discussion and coordination occurred with the Town officials on the latter issue and the overall transportation network internal to and surrounding Warrenton. In these work sessions, the Planning Commission and Town representatives discussed the Timber Fence Parkway issue in conjunction with its review of the Rappahannock – Rapidan Regional Commission’s (RRRC) Route 211 Corridor Study. The study demonstrated significant traffic volume increases expected along Rt. 211 into Warrenton (e.g., 2004 VDOT Vehicles Per Day (VPD) Counts:  15,061; 2018 Projection:  41,335 VPD); with growing traffic distribution expected through Fauquier County via Rt. 522 (Rappahannock County) to Rt. 688, Rt. 647, and I-66 connections.   These ramifications of these impacts and the study were discussed with Town officials. 


The principal focus of improvements was Broadview Avenue, and that Town position was well stated within the RRRC study. The study expressed the following regarding both the latter improvements and the contested connection between Route 211 and Route 17 (reference p. 8 of the RRRC Study):


“As new traffic signals are installed on Broadview Avenue to deal with increasing traffic, there is concern about the need to interconnect all the signals and to provide supplemental access to Broadview Avenue using a collector between Route 211 and Route 17.  Town and Fauquier County officials are beginning to explore such solutions through meetings of the Warrenton Service District and better coordination of strategic and comprehensive transportation planning.”


In addition, the following Committee’s Draft Plan (reference p. 23) language made Broadview Avenue improvements the principal priority:


 “…the County will assist the Town of Warrenton in the effort to find funding through the VDOT 6-Year Improvement Program for the restructuring of this important element of U.S. 15/29 (Business).  In addition, as represented in Figure 10-WA-1, the plan proposes the reservation of a future collector road right-of-way between Routes 211 and 17.”


Due to the public comment from the Gold Cup and Silver Cup subdivision community regarding Timber Fence Parkway, there is a demonstrated need to more effectively involve that community directly into the design of any future link between Route 211 and Route 17.  Just its formal name and the existing +90 foot r-o-w summon a road not currently envisioned by these neighborhood residents running through their community. 


As a result, the Planning Commission crafted the following language be added to this section:  For this future collector, both the Town and County need to effectively collaborate with the local and affected neighborhoods in developing a public road design that: (a) safely and compatibly fits the residential neighborhood community environment; (b) allows external roadway linkages; (c) controls vehicular speed with a variety of traffic calming and management techniques (e.g., median and refuge islands, paving treatments, bike path and landscaping treatments); and (d) ensures a safe and walkable community for local residents.


Transportation Network (Maps 10-WA-2.1 and 10-WA-2.2).  Chris Mothersead, Director of Planning for the Town of Warrenton, indicated at the Planning Commission June work session that the expanded and proposed network represented in the Draft Plan was consistent with their needs.  More detailed technical work and funding (VDOT and private) would be needed for its implementation.


Public Sewer and Water Services.  The Planning Commission has included additional maps in the draft plan representing in parcel detail where Town of Warrenton or WSA utilities exist or are planned.  Enclosed are graphics that display the availability of public water and public sewer services.  The areas designated as existing Town Sewer or Water and Authorized Potential Customers are graphically part of a signed agreement between both the Town of Warrenton and the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors. The WSA water supply areas are also similarly marked and have been noted in the Service District Plan and are part of the Water and Wastewater Master Plan (Camp Dresser & McKee; Date: 1997), which was prepared for the WSA and Board of Supervisors.  The maps also identify community wastewater treatment facilities that will exclusively serve the Raymond Farm and Warrenton Chase communities and, once permitted, constructed and operational, will be transferred to WSA for its ownership, operation and maintenance.


Note that all Planning Commission revisions have been incorporated within the text of the plan amendment. 


Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:


Town of Warrenton



PLEASE NOTE:  a copy of the Draft Text Amendment to Chapter Six-Warrenton Service District is not currently available through the electronic agenda, but is available for public inspection at the following two locations: (1) Board of Supervisors Office (Location: 2nd Floor, Warren Green Building, 10 Hotel Street, Warrenton; or (2) Planning Division of the Department of Community Development (Location:  3rd Floor, Warren Green Building).





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