Sponsor:                                                                     Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Richard W. Robison, Center District Supervisor            August 16, 2004          


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Paul S. McCulla, County Attorney                                County Attorney





A Resolution Directing the Parks and Recreation Board and Fauquier County Staff to Take All Actions Necessary to Assist in the Implementation of the Fauquier County Fair Board's Request to Use Approximately Five (5) Acres of Land Located at the Central Sports Field Complex for Fair Purposes


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The Fauquier County Fair, Inc., owns property immediately adjacent to the Central Sports Field Complex upon which it conducts its annual County Fair.  Since the Fair's inception, the Fair Board has used, with the tacit concurrence of the County, five (5) acres of Central Sports Field Complex property for the purpose of parking vehicles and other Fair-related activities.  As part of its Sports Fields Lease, Development and Operation Agreement of the Central Sports Field Complex with the Fauquier Youth Sports Coordination Council, Inc., the County has leased the aforesaid five (5) acres, along with other portions of its property to the Sports Field Council.  The site development plan approved by the Board of Supervisors at its June 2004 meeting shows the location of a football field on the five (5) acres. The Fair Board has requested that the County and Sports Field Council permit it to continue to use the five (5) acres for vehicular parking and other Fair-related activities.  The Sports Field Council has raised concerns that such activities would result in the destruction of the proposed ball-playing field which the Council intends to place on the site.  Members of the Board of Supervisors have met individually and in group with both the Fair Board and the Sports Field Council in an attempt to resolve this issue.  The Board of Supervisors wishes to state its position on the matter and to direct its staff and the Parks and Recreation Board to take the actions necessary to help resolve the issue in a manner that would permit the Fair Board to continue to use the five (5) acres while not resulting in the loss of a field to the Sports Field Council.


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Consider adoption of the attached resolution.



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Parks and Recreation Board

Parks and Recreation Department

Fauquier Youth Sports Coordination Council, Inc.