Summary of Basic System Recommendation and Options

Basic Package:

After a review of systems in neighboring localities, General Services is recommending the installation of a (3) three pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) camera to provide live or delayed  broadcast over the local Adelphia cable  network and/or video archival.  Two cameras will cover the Board of Supervisor's bench from the rear of the meeting room. One camera will be mounted from the ceiling located in the center of the room to the rear of the chairman's chair. This camera will cover speakers at the lecturn.

The video/audio system requires an operator. A COE student will be recommended for this position on a part-time, temporary basis. The video/audio system will be located in the small room in the rear of the meeting room. The operator will operate and control the live video/audio from this room. There will be a monitor located in this room to assist the operator. The operator can view the monitor for moving and zooming of the non-live camera, while choosing the next live picture. Operations will provide the cabling infrastructure for all possible options, before the ceilings and walls are closed in by the contractor.   

 Cost of Basic Package  = $36, 375

Option 1: 

Install a 42 x 20 Plasma TV on the wall over the door (where the clock is now located) for viewing by the Board of Supervisors. The monitor will keep the Board of Supervisors alerted to what is being recorded and broadcasted. The monitor can also be used for Powerpoint /VCR presentations. It is estimated that 50% of the public can also view this monitor. This option will eliminate the need to purchase an overhead projector plus an "in the ceiling" mounted screen.

Cost of Option 1 = $4,800

Option 2:

Includes option one. Install two 23" monitors in the front of the meeting room; one on the left and one to the right of the Board of Supervisors for the remaining 50% of the public to view.  Operations Division recommends this option, because it gives the Board of Supervisors and the public complete view of all activity being televised and recorded.

Cost of Option 2 = $1,400

Option 3 Video / Audio in Conference Room:

Install one camera to cover meetings to be recorded/archived. The camera will be connected to the equipment located in the Video/Audio control room.  A  kill-switch will be available for absolute control over all audio/video in the conference room. The cabling infrastructure will be in place as part of the renovation. 

Cost of Option 3 = $6,500

Option 4:

Install an overhead projector and remote ceiling mounted drop-down screen for computer power point presentations.

Cost of Option 4 = $  6,000.00

All cabling for electric, microphone, laptop PC, and telephone will be accessible directly under one end of the table top.  Network drops will be available at each seating space.