WHEREAS, the Applicant is seeking a Special Exception to allow the construction of a community wastewater treatment and disposal system to serve a proposed 64 lot subdivision; and

WHEREAS, in the matter of SE03-C-32: A Special Exception to construct a community wastewater treatment facility, the Planning Commission has conducted a public hearing; and

WHEREAS, based on public testimony, staff analysis and its own deliberations the Planning Commission has made a number of findings and conclusions regarding the proposed system; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors conducted a public hearing on this request and has found the Applicant responsive to the concerns of the Planning Commission and the Community; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 18th day of August 2003, That SE03-C-32 be, and is hereby approved, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The system shall be designed and built to Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority (WSA) standards.
  2. The system shall be designed to accommodate future connection to a conventional sewer system should lines be extended to the site.
  3. The Applicant shall be responsible for all design and construction costs.
  4. The Applicant shall be responsible for all costs of initial operation up to the time of transfer to WSA. During this period, the operation will be conducted in conformance with WSA standards.
  5. Following system completion and attainment of 90% rate of utilization, or at an earlier time deemed appropriate by the Board of Supervisors and WSA, the entire system (including treatment facilities, primary drainfields, and reserve drainfields) shall be conveyed in fee simple ownership to WSA and will be operated by WSA.
  6. Prior to site plan submittal for the private sewage treatment facility approved hereby, the applicant shall:
    1. File an application with the Health Department and/or DEQ, as appropriate, for the proposed private sewage system.
    2. Conduct a preliminary meeting with the Health Department and/or DEQ, as appropriate, to determine basic design parameters acceptable to the Department.
    3. The Health Department and/or DEQ, as appropriate, and the County Soil Scientist shall conduct a field inspection to identify specific sites on the property that are both adequate and suitable for use as effluent discharge areas.
    4. Submit a soils evaluation proposal to the Health Department and/or DEQ, as appropriate, and the Fauquier County Soil Scientist for the proposed site of drainfields associated with the facility.  As part of this evaluation, the applicant shall conduct a saturated hydraulic conductivity test (K-sat) to determine a permeability rate that will be used in developing suitable design criteria.
    5. Submit a design to dispose of sewage effluent, and calculate nitrate loading, ponding and disposal means in accordance with State and local health codes.
    6. Effect any design revisions deemed necessary by the Health Department and/or DEQ, as appropriate, and submit the revised package to the local Health Department for the issuance of a permit.

7.      The County or WSA shall establish and maintain a reserve fund for future capital replacement of the system or connection to an alternative system to serve this development. The applicant agrees to make an initial cash contribution to this fund of $20,000. The operating fees assessed to system users shall include a portion to be set aside for this fund, in addition to the fee that recaptures the costs of operating and maintaining the system. These fees shall commence as each dwelling connects to the system.