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August 18, 2003 

Work Session
4th Floor Conference Room
Circuit Court and Office Building
1:00 p.m.

1:00 p.m.          Agenda Review  

2:00 p.m.      Fiscal 2004 Program Plan for the Rappahannock-Rapidan Community Services Board (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Brian Duncan, Staff Lead)  

2:30 p.m.      Update on the Installation of Television Recording Capability for Governmental Meetings (Harry F. Atherton, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler and Billy Jenkins, Staff)  

2:45 p.m.      Water and Sanitation Authority  (WSA) Implementation Plan to Develop a Public Water System in the Opal Service District (Sharon Grove McCamy, Sponsor; Talmage Reeves , Staff)  

3:15 p.m.       Discussion of Potential Reuse or Sale of the Shadow Lawn and Parks and Recreation Administration Buildings Located on Culpeper Street in Warrenton (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Randy Wheeler, Staff)  

3:30 p.m.      Low Impact Development (LID) Ordinances (Sharon Grove McCamy, Sponsor; Christer Carshult, Staff)*  

4:30 p.m.      Closed Session Regarding Personnel Matters  

*(Copies of the Low Impact Development Studies are available in the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors’ office for review upon request.  A printed copy has been provided to each member of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors.  Due to the size of the document, the memory consumed for Agenda Review, and current computer capabilities we are unable  to present the draft on the Board of Supervisors Meeting Agenda Web Page at this time.)

Regular Sessions
Warrenton Community Center
430 East Shirley Avenue
Warrenton, VA 20186
6:30 p.m.

Possible additions to the agenda and related materials are not set forth herein.

Invocation Harry F. Atherton

Pledge of Allegiance  

Adoption of the Agenda  

Citizens Time  

Proclamations and Recognitions  

1)      Consent Agenda  

a)      Approval of the Minutes for the June 16, 2003 Regular Meeting of the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors

*b)      Chairman’s Correspondence Review  

c)      A Resolution to Amend the FY 2003 Adopted Budget in the Amount of $67,281 and the FY 2004 Adopted Budget in the Amount of $53,437 (Finance Committee, Sponsor; Bryan Tippie, Staff Lead)  

d)      A Resolution Authorizing a Grant Application for Homeland Security Funds and Designating an Applicant Agent (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff)  

e)      A Resolution to Schedule a Public Hearing to Amend the Lease With Midland Development Corporation for the Construction of T-Hangar Three at the Warrenton-Fauquier Airport (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Anthony Hooper, Staff)  

f)       A Resolution to Appoint Nancy J. Albert as Fauquier County Records Manager (Robert Lee, Sponsor/Staff)  

g)      A Resolution to Establish an Ad Hoc Committee to Determine the Feasibility/Impact of Creating Fauquier County Community Services Board (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Judith Risdon, Staff)  

h)      A Resolution of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Fauquier, Virginia Approving the Issuance of Bonds by the Industrial Development Authority of the County of Fauquier Virginia, for the Benefit of Wakefield School, Inc.  (Larry L. Weeks, Sponsor; Michael W. Graff, Jr., Esquire, Staff)  

i)        A Resolution Revising the Department of Community Development’s Fee Schedule (Harry F. Atherton, Sponsor; Rick Carr, Staff) (tabled from July 21, 2003 )  

j)        A Resolution to Authorize the City of Winchester to Design, Construct and Equip an Addition to the CFFW Regional Adult Detention Center (Larry L. Weeks, Sponsor; Robert Lee, Staff)  

k)      A Resolution to Share the Costs of Two School Resource Officer Positions with the School Division at the Expiration of the Three-Year Federal Grant Period (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Catherine Heritage, Staff)  

l)        A Resolution to Establish a Fauquier County Public Schools Textbook Fund (Raymond E. Graham, Sponsor; Janice Bourne, Staff)  

m)    A Resolution to Request the Virginia Department of Transportation to Provide Signage and Barricades Consistent with, but not Limited to, those Described in the Homeland Security Emergency Transportation Plan (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Catherine Heritage, Staff)  

n)      A Resolution Directing the County Administrator to Schedule a Public Hearing on a Proposed Ordinance Amending Chapter 7 of the Code of Fauquier County Changing the District and Precinct Boundary Lines for the Warrenton Precinct of Center Magisterial District and Casanova Precinct for the Cedar Run Magisterial District (Joe Winkelmann, Sponsor; Paul McCulla, Staff)  

2)      Consideration of SE03-CR-29: A Category 20 Special Exception to Allow a Telecommunications Tower in Excess of 80 Feet (William H., and Nelson D. Martin, Owners; AT&T Wireless Services (AWS), Applicant; Robert C. Counts, Staff) (tabled from July 21, 2003 )  

3)      An Ordinance Amending the Definition of Agriculturally Related Uses, Commercial-2 Zoning District as Found in Section 15-300 (Definitions) of the Zoning Ordinance (Robert and Sharon Adgate, Applicants; Kimberley Johnson, Staff) (tabled from July 21, 2003)  

4)       An Appeal of the Planning Commission Determination With Respect to the Designation of Open Space for the Warrenton Chase Subdivision, Toll Brothers, Applicant (John Foote, Esquire, on behalf of Toll Brothers; Elizabeth Cook, Staff)


  • Water & Sanitation Authority Board – Center District 

  • Disability Services Board

  • Architectural Review Board – Historic Resources Representative

  • Industrial Development Authority (IDA) – Lee District

  • Parks and Recreation Board – Marshall District

Supervisors Time  


Public Hearings
Warrenton Community Center
430 East Shirley Avenue
Warrenton, VA 20186

7:00 p.m.

1.      #RZ03-S-18 – Eleanor J. Butler and Nicholas F. and Michele A. Glowicki, owners / applicants Applicants wish to rezone approximately 2.0 acres from Residential–1 (R-1) to Residential–2 (R-2).  The property is located at 7030 and 7036 Riley Road (Route 676), Scott District .  (PIN # 7905-86-7871-000 and PIN #7905-86-7609-000) (Robert C. Counts, Staff)  

2.      #SE03-S-30 – William S. Fralin, P.C. & Gladys M. Joseph, Trustees; Richard S. & Maggie M. Stanley; Cecil T. & Rebecca W. Campbell, owners, and Shenandoah Development, LLC., applicants – Cross Creek – Applicants wish to obtain special exception approval under Category 23, which would allow for some minor filling and grading within a floodplain to construct an access road.  The property is located on Route 29, Scott District .  (PIN # 7906-83-2379-000 and portions of PIN #7906-82-0818-000, PIN #7906-82-6836-000, PIN #7906-83-8247-000 and PIN #7906-93-1223-000)    

3.      #SE03-C-32 and #SE03-C-33 – Margaret A. Hufnagel & Others, owners and Landmark Property Development, LLC, applicant – Raymond Farm – Applicant wishes to obtain special exception approval under Category 20, which would allow for the construction of an on-site wastewater collection and treatment system; and Category 30, which would allow for a waiver of the public sewer requirement.  The property is located at the southeast quadrant of the Route 29 and Route 605 intersection, Center District.  (PIN # 6995-21-1875-000) (Robert C. Counts, Staff)  

4.      #SE03-S-35 – High Mountain Farm, LLC, owner / applicant – Applicant wishes to obtain Special Exception approval under Category 23, which would allow for the construction of a farm pond dam crossing a floodplain.  The property is located on the southwest side of Landmark School Road (Route 776), Scott District . (PIN # 7002-92-3409-000) (Robert C. Counts, Staff)  

5.      Consider Increasing the Tipping Fee for Construction and Demolition Debris to $30.00 Per Ton - Consider increasing the rate for receiving construction and demolition debris from $25.00 to $30.00 per ton, in order to maintain sound operating procedures at the landfill. (Anthony Hooper, Staff)  

6.      Consider Abandonment of a Portion of Route 671 – Consider abandoning a portion of Route 671, which has been discontinued for maintenance by the Virginia Department of Transportation, pursuant to Section 33.1-151 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended.  This portion of Route 671 is located northeast of Route 50, approximately 0.12 mile north of its intersection with the northbound lane of Route 50.  The portion to be abandoned lies within the boundaries of a 32-acre parcel of land identified as PIN #6035-91-4374-000. (Elizabeth Cook, Staff)  

(*)Supporting documentation not available in final electronic format at the time of agenda posting will be added upon completion.

Next Regular Meeting:

September 15, 2003
Warrenton Community Center  
430 East Shirley Avenue ·  Warrenton , VA   20186
  6:30 p.m.  

* The Agenda may be modified on adoption by the Board of Supervisors in the form of additions, deletions or revisions.