Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

Sharon Grove McCamy , Lee District Supervisor

August 18, 2003

Staff Lead:


Frederick P.D. Carr

Community Development


Low Impact Development (LID) Techniques Work Session

Topic Description:

At the July 21, 2003 Board of Supervisors' meeting, it was requested by Supervisor McCamy that the Department of Community Development prepare a Work Session Agenda Item summarizing recent actions in both Stafford and Spotsylvania Counties with respect to Low Impact Development (LID) techniques and ordinances.


LID's are a relatively new concept in Storm Water Management and were pioneered by Prince George's County, Maryland in the early 1990's. The primary thrust of LID practices is to conserve natural features, minimize impervious surfaces, create hydraulic disconnects, and enhance the disbursement of runoff and phytoremediation. Microscale controls are introduced throughout the project site and may include practices such as created wetlands, grass swales, vegetated rooftops, rain barrels, cisterns, and vegetated filter strips. Other larger scale strategies include the preservation and/or protection of environmentally sensitive site features such as riparian buffers, wetlands, steep slopes, valuable/mature trees, floodplains, woodlands, and highly permeable soils.


The current Fauquier County Zoning, Subdivision, and Stormwater Management Ordinances provide means for achieving the larger scale strategies, but could potentially benefit from textual modifications which would more clearly establish benchmarks and identify specific means and methods at the site-wide macro level.


At the March 18, 2003 Stafford County Board of Supervisors' meeting, the Board adopted a new Storm Water Management Ordinance to implement an LID alternative for Storm Water Management design plans. A copy of their revised Ordinance is included in hardcopy format.


At the May 13, 2003 Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors' meeting, the Board adopted an amendment to the Spotsylvania County Code, Chapter 19A, Stormwater Management Ordinance. This amendment incorporated language to allow LID practices. A copy of the amended Ordinance was not available from Spotsylvania County, so the most recent draft Ordinance from the Board of Supervisors' minutes is included in hard copy format.


Due to the size of the Stafford County and Spotsylvania County Ordinance, it was necessary to provide these in hard copy format for the work session.


Both of these ordinances incorporate design guidelines and minimum standards acknowledged by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. These documents were developed by the Prince George's County, Maryland Department of Environmental Resources.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 

Consider referring to Planning Commission for further research and potential development of modifications or amendments to the current Ordinances of Fauquier County.

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No financial impact analysis was performed for this request

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