Sharon Grove McCamy, Vice Chair, Lee District                           August 19, 2002

Department, Organization                                                           Board of Supervisors

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Anthony I. Hooper, Assistant County Administrator

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Topic       A Resolution to Award a Contract for the Construction of Infrastructure at the

                        Botha Subdivision

Fauquier County, Fauquier Housing Corporation, and Fauquier Habitat for Humanity have been working in partnership with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development since the mid-1990ís to develop affordable housing at Botha.  The County has received a planning grant and a grant for the construction of infrastructure for a 17-lot subdivision.  Both non-profit organizations have received grants and donations to support the construction of single-family homes.  The agencies have been working with many low-to- moderate income families who are seeking improved housing.  Applicants for the housing must be current residents, have a family history of residing in the County or be employed by a public or community service agency.  The selected families must have the financial ability to pay a reduced mortgage and the ability to maintain the property.

Bids were solicited for the infrastructure of the subdivision, which includes construction of a road to VDOT standards, construction of septic systems and a water system to the Virginia Health Department standards, and the installation of storm water management facilities to meet County land development requirements.  Five bids were received and negotiations conducted with the low bidder to award a contract consistent with the availability of grant funds.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.

Financial Impacts Analysis

Grant funds are available for the award of the contract in the amount of $442,884.  Utility funds have also been utilized to support portions of the project pertaining to water testing and water alternatives.

Identify Any Other Departments, Organizations or Individuals That Would be Affected by This Request

Fauquier Housing Corporation

Fauquier Habitat for Humanity