5-1403        Additional Standards for Automobile Sales, Rental and Service Establishments

1.      Outdoor storage, parking and display areas shall be permitted only on the same lot with the ancillary to a sales room, rental office or service facility, which shall be entirely enclosed on all sides.

2.      The outdoor area devoted to storage, loading, parking and display of goods shall be limited to that area so designated on an approved site plan.  Such areas shall not be used for the storage or display of vehicles that are not in operating condition.

3.      Notwithstanding the bulk regulations of the zoning district in which located, any such outdoor area that is located on the ground and is open to the sky may be located in any required yard but not nearer to any front lot line than ten (10) feet.

4.      All such uses shall be provided with safe, convenient access to a public street.  If any outdoor area is located contiguous to a street, ingress and egress shall be provided only through driveway openings in the curb or similarly controlled by other means appropriate to the design of the abutting street.

5.      All outdoor areas used for parking, storage, loading, display and driveways shall be constructed and maintained with an all-weather dustless surface.

6.      All lighting fixtures used to illuminate such outdoor areas shall be designed to comply with the performance standards as to glare of the zoning district in which such facility is located.  Such facilities shall not be lighted at any time other than during the same hours that the facility is open for business, except for necessary security lighting.

5-1404       Additional Standards for Farm Equipment Sales, Rental and Service Establishments

Such uses shall satisfy the same standards as set forth in Section 1403 above, except that in Residential and Rural Zoning Districts no parking, storage, loading or display shall be conducted in any required front yard or within fifty (50) feet of any side or rear lot line.