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To:                 Frederick P.D. Carr, Director Community Development

From:            Christer Carshult, County Engineer

Date:             July 19, 2002

Re:                Fee Schedule Increase Justification

These fee changes apply to final design review only, and they are not intended for Preliminary Plats, Special Exceptions, Rezonings, and similar applications. The current fee schedule does not afford the Department of Community Development the ability to administer technical reviews on specific types of plans that the county historically has not had the need to process simply because they were not warranted, due to historically small scale development.

The interest for development in Fauquier County has resulted in larger assemblages of property, which requires an approach to land development that is not consistent with classic rural development.  Below are listed changes I would like to implement to the current departmental fee schedule to cover County review and processing:

Floodplain Study

·        As available property becomes sparse, more projects both large & small are being located adjacent to or require crossing a floodplain.  Currently, the County has no floodplain review fee or means to process such a plan.  In the past, this was accomplished as the phases of development dictated the need.  This new fee would cover floodplain alterations, floodplain crossings, and revising existing floodplain limits associated with a project.

·        $500 - Flat Fee

  Plus $200 - Per square mile of drainage area

      Plus $300 - Per proposed bridge/culvert/crossing

 Plus $500 – Per Floodplain Encroachment

Fee Schedule
Page 2

Infrastructure Improvements

·        The larger projects currently underway, as well as those on the horizon, require certain infrastructure to be established prior to being able to access or begin development in other areas of a particular project.  Currently the County has no fee associated with these types of plans.  In the past they have been processed under the Land Disturbance Permit application process.  Plans processed under the new category will include: Parkway/Roadway improvements, sewer line and water line extensions, force mains, pump stations etc.

·        $500 – Flat fee

Plus $50 – Per disturbed acre

Wetland Mitigation Banking Plans

·        This is an entirely new type of project in Fauquier County.  One has already been reviewed and approved, three more are in various stages of design, and five more are being discussed.  Currently the County has no fee associated with these types of plans. The one project that has been reviewed and approved was processed under the Land Disturbance Permit application process. These plans have been determined as a “By-Right” use in the floodplain under Section 4-405.1 of the Zoning Ordinance and do not require a Special Exception to approve modifications to the floodplain.

·        $500 – Flat Fee

Plus $500 – Per square mile of drainage area

Plus $50 – Per disturbed acre


Initial Bond Estimate Review/Establish Improvements

·        Absolutely the single most important aspect of tracking and managing a project within the County following Final Plan Approval is to ensure the plan is executed properly.  Currently the County has no fee associated with this review.  Multiple reviews have been necessary to establish final bond amounts.

·        $600 – Flat Fee, Bonds greater than $250,000

·        $300 – Flat Fee, Bonds less than $250,000

Street Resolution/Acceptance

·        This is the final step in dedicating public right-of-way to VDOT for addition into the Secondary System of State Highways, and it is usually combined with a Final Bond Release.

This request category requires administrative coordination as well as site visits for

Fee Schedule
Page 2

“Punch Walks” and “Acceptance Walks”. County staff facilitates the process with VDOT and the developer and then prepares the Final Board Resolution.  Currently the County has no fee established to perform these duties.

·        $250 – Flat Fee Each street/Each item 

Supplemental Land Disturbing/Erosion & Sediment Control Plan & Plan Amendment

·        This plan is necessary to accommodate material management within the limits of a large phased development project.  It accommodates much of the required activity that is not directly associated with individual or smaller commercial and/or residential developments.  There is no recent history with past development patterns within the County that would warrant such a plan.  Typically Erosion & Sediment Control Plans are not stand-alone plans.  The large phased projects on the horizon will employ this approach as these larger tracts/projects begin to develop.

·        $750 – Commercial or subdivision related, not for private single family separately built

  Plus $50/disturbed acre

Bond Reduction/Release/Extension Request

·        Larger phased projects have generated substantially more complex request that require increased levels of review, coordination and processing.

·        Current $100 per request – Proposed $300 Flat Fee

The Planning Division has requested that the Subdivision Plat Amendment/Easement Plat Fee be revised, as follows:

Subdivision Plat Amendment, Easement Plat………….$100.00

Subdivision Plat Amendment……………………...…...$150.00

Easement Plat…………………………………………..$100.00