9-4               Application Review

The agent shall have seven (7) days to review the application, plans and support materials in order to determine that the submission and content requirements have been met. Once the application is reviewed, written notification of the acceptance or rejection of the submission shall be sent to the applicant by certified mail not later than ten (10) days after the date of submission. If accepted, the submission shall be officially filed and shall be placed on the Planning Commission agenda. If rejected, the submission package will be returned to the subdivider with a list of deficiencies. Upon receipt of the deficiencies, the applicant may submit a revised preliminary plat addressing the deficiencies no later than twenty-three (23) days forty (40) days prior to the next scheduled Planning Commission meeting. Upon review and acceptance of the corrected submission, the application shall be considered officially filed and placed on the agenda. If rejected, the submission package will be returned as stated above. No submission shall be considered officially filed any earlier than twenty- three (23) days before the Planning Commission meeting.

Written notice of the filing of a preliminary plat and the meeting date shall be sent to adjacent property owners and the applicant no later than seven (7) days after the submission is officially filed. In no case shall notification be sent less than fourteen (14) days before the Planning Commission meeting. Notice sent to the last known address of such owner(s) as shown on the current real estate tax assessment book shall be deemed adequate compliance with the requirements. The provision of notice shall be the responsibility of the Office of Community Development and Zoning. A list of adjacent property owners shall be provided by the applicant in accordance with Section 9-5.17(c).

Failure to notify the applicant within the specified time shall result in the application being considered officially filed. Failure to notify the adjacent property owners within the specified time period shall result in an automatic tabling and re-notification of the filing.