Larry L. Weeks, Scott District Supervisor                                      August 19, 2002

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G. Robert Lee, County Administrator

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Topic               A Resolution to Approve and Authorize Execution of an Addendum to the Regional Jail Agreement 

Fauquier County is a member of the Clarke-Fauquier-Frederick-Winchester Regional Jail (“CFFW Regional Jail”).  The Regional Jail Agreement (dated 1 July 1998) between Fauquier County, Clarke County, Frederick County and the City of Winchester contains a provision (Paragraph 9) which authorizes the Superintendent of the CFFW Regional Jail to reject or return any prisoner to Fauquier County for good cause, to include, without limitation, medical or behavioral problems.  After recent discussion regarding this “rejection” clause, it is the consensus of the CFFW Regional Jail Board Committee that Fauquier County is a full and equal partner in the Regional Jail Agreement and Paragraph 9 should be eliminated.  The CFFW Regional Jail Board adopted such a recommendation on 25 June 2002. 

The attached resolution adopts and authorizes execution of an Addendum to the Regional Jail Agreement, which Addendum deletes Paragraph 9 concerning rejection of Fauquier County prisoners. 

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors

Consider adoption of the attached resolution. 

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Fred D. Hildebrand, Superintendent of the CFFW Regional Jail

David L. Ash, Clarke County Administrator

John R. Riley, Jr., Frederick County Administrator

Ed Daley, City of Winchester Manager

Fauquier County Sheriff’s Office