TO:                 Fauquier County Planning Commission

FROM:          Deirdre Clark, Senior Planner

DATE:            June 27, 2002

SUBJECT:    Preliminary Plat #PP02-CR-10, Shipe’s Ridge


The applicant sought approval of a preliminary subdivision plat to divide ±150.5 acres zoned RA (Rural Agricultural) into three (3) residential lots and a residue parcel.  As proposed, the lots ranged in size from 2 acres to ±3 acres.  A companion administrative division was proposed to create an additional 3 lots from the residue parcel. 

The property is located on the south side of Elk Run Road (State Route 806), between its intersection with Ensors Shop Road (State Route 637) and Roselawn Lane.

At its April 25, 2002 meeting, at the request of the applicant, the Planning Commission postponed action on this application for 30 days to allow the applicant time to make revisions to the preliminary plan and to respond to outstanding concerns.  A similar request was made at the meeting of the Planning Commission on May 30, 2002.  The outstanding issues were adequate access and suitable frontage for each lot.


Currently, the applicant seeks approval of a preliminary subdivision plat to divide the subject property into four (4) residential lots (Lots # 1- 4) and a residue parcel.  As proposed, the lots will range in size from approximately two (2) acres to ± 10 acres.  A companion administrative division is proposed to create an additional three (3) lots (Lots # 5- 7) of ± 1.7 and 3.0 acres, and ± 128 acres, the residue parcel.

The applicant proposes Lot # 4 as a pipestem lot.  Although fairly common in R-1 residential clusters, pipestems have not been used in residential clusters in RA areas.  In addition, the applicant proposes access to Lots #2 and #3 by way of the pipestem serving Lot # 4.  The Zoning

Ordinance states that the total number of pipestem lots within a given subdivision shall in no case exceed twenty (20) percent, which, in this case, is one lot.  Thus, access for Lots # 2 and  #3 must be available from Elk Run Road.  The applicant continues to make refinements to the subdivision plat as it relates to access.  

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) requires a sight distance profile for all access points, most notably those that will serve more than one dwelling.  A maximum of two access points is recommended as a condition of approval.  Direct access to Elk Run Road, other than the common point for Lots # 2, 3, and 4 and Shipe’s Ridge Drive, is not recommended.  Approval of these two access points is dependant upon sufficient sight distance.  An easement for common access to Lots # 2, 3 and 4 was not noted on the preliminary plan. 

The Health Department has noted that since changes have been made to the previously approved preliminary plan, the revision must be submitted for review.


Staff recommends that the Planning Commission defer action on this proposal for thirty days to allow the applicant sufficient time to resolve access issues.