TO:                 Fauquier County Planning Commission

FROM:           Elizabeth Cook, Chief of Planning

DATE:             July 17 2002

SUBJECT:      Fauquier County Subdivision Ordinance Text Amendments to Update the Ordinance to Reflect the Proposed Stormwater Management Ordinance

On June 27, 2002, the Planning Commission held a public hearing and recommended approval of a Stormwater Management Ordinance.  Staff has briefed the Commission on proposed Subdivision Ordinance text amendments related to the proposed Stormwater Management Ordinance, and at its June meeting the Commission scheduled the proposed text amendments for public hearing.  The Board of Supervisors has scheduled an August public hearing on the proposed ordinance.

The following text amendments to the Subdivision Ordinance are proposed, if the Board of Supervisors adopts the Stormwater Management Ordinance:


4-16     Bonding Requirements

Prior to acceptance of dedicated a dedication for public use and or maintenance of facilities, of any right-of-way located within any subdivision or section thereof, which has constructed or proposed to be constructed within the subdivision or section thereof, any street, curb, gutter, sidewalk, bicycle trail, drainage or sewerage system, waterline as part of a public system or other improvements dedicated for public use, and maintained by the locality, the Commonwealth, or other public agency, and for the provision of other site-related improvements required by this Ordinance or other ordinances for vehicular ingress and egress, for public access streets, for structures necessary to ensure stability of critical slopes, and for stormwater management facilities pursuant to the Fauquier County Stormwater Management Ordinance, financed or to be financed in whole or in part by private funds, if the owner or developer shall,

(1) certify to the agent for the governing body that the construction is complete and the costs have been paid to the person constructing such facilities; or

(2) furnish to the agent for the governing body a certified check or cash escrow in the amount of the estimated costs of construction or a personal, corporate or property bond, with surety satisfactory to the governing body, in the amount sufficient for and conditioned upon the construction of such facilities, or a contact for the construction of such facilities and the contractors bond, with like surety, in like amount and so conditioned; or

(3) furnish to the agent for the governing body as to the bank or saving and loan association, the amount and the form. 

The amount of such certified check, cash escrow, bond or letter of credit shall include the total of the estimated cost of construction based on unit prices for new public or private sector construction in the locality and a reasonable allowance for estimated administrative costs, inflation, and potential damage to existing roads or utilities.


7-10     Grades

The grades of streets submitted on subdivision plats shall be approved by the Virginia Highway Department Engineer prior to final action by the agent for the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors and shall be in accordance with the road designs and standards of the County of Fauquier.  Where the grade of any street exceeds 5% and on grades of less than 5% where soil conditions and the general topography make such necessary as determined by the governing body or its agent in conjunction with the engineer for the Virginia Department of Transportation, paved roadside ditches of a design satisfactory to meet the standards set forth in this Ordinance and the Virginia Department of Transportation standards shall be required.


8-2       Ditch Cross Section

All public streets, accessways, or service drives in subdivisions having lots containing from 20,000 square feet to 5 acres shall be graded and paved in accordance with the typical section that is currently provided in the Fauquier County construction specifications and standards for the various classifications of streets as designated.  The standards are shown as Type 1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-A and 4-B.  Where curb and gutter is used in lieu of roadside ditches, roadways shall be constructed to standard typical sections for curb and gutter streets.  Where any street grade exceeds 5% and on grades of less than 5% where soil conditions and the general topography makes such necessary as determined by the governing body or it agent on recommendation of the Virginia Department of Transportation Resident Engineer for Fauquier County, paved roadside ditches shall be installed and extended to the nearest roadway culverts or outfall ditch in accordance with the current County construction specifications and standards.


9-5       Preliminary Plan Requirements

16)   Preliminary plans indicating the provision/layout for all utilities, including but not limited to, water supply, sewage disposal, BMP's, and stormwater management facilities as outlined in the Fauquier County Stormwater Management Ordinance.

28)   Location of any existing or proposed bridges.  Location of any proposed major culverts, SWM and BMP facilities as outlined in the Fauquier County Stormwater Management Ordinance.


10-5     Additional Submission Requirements

B)  Final Construction Plans for subdivisions, resubdivisions or revisions, including the following minimum information as part of the final plans:

9)   Storm drainage system plans including stormwater management as outlined in the Fauquier County Stormwater Management Ordinance.  Plans should be sufficient to build structure and outfall.  Drainage divides and summary should be shown on the plans.

C)  Calculations for drainage, stormwater management, BMP's, waterline flows, sewerage flows, or other areas where necessary for agency review of engineering methods, sealed and signed by a Virginia Licensed Professional Engineer or surveyor (with a 3-B license).  These calculations may be included on pages of the construction plans.  Stormwater Management plans shall be prepared in accordance with the Fauquier County Stormwater Management Ordinance. 



cc:        Kevin Burke, Deputy County Attorney

Frederick P.D. Carr, Director

Christer Carshult, County Engineer