Board of Supervisors Meeting Date: 

William G. Downey, Scott District Supervisor

September 9, 2004

Staff Lead:


Anthony I. Hooper, Deputy County Administrator

County Administration


Conduct a Work Session to Consider A Resolution to Award a Contract for Renovations and Improvements to the Courthouse and Adult Detention Center

Topic Description:

The previous Board of Supervisors authorized work to proceed on renovations to the Courthouse and the Adult Detention Center.  In May 2003 design work, by Mosley Architects, was initiated on the Courthouse and in April 2003 on the Adult Detention Center.  In June 2003, Mosley Architects provided the Board of Supervisors an update on the projects.  At that time, the Board requested additional information regarding possible Courthouse options.  Other options were developed that expanded the space and were considered but rejected since the options required expenditures three (3) and three and one-half (3.5) times the estimated costs of the original design concept.  The Board of Supervisors authorized work to proceed on the basis of the original space allocation concept.


As design progressed, the architect reported that cost estimates needed to be revised upwards. In May 2004, the Public Facilities Committee and the Board endorsed and authorized contracting for construction management services and the decision was made to bid both projects as a package.  At that meeting, the Board also reviewed the design concepts and considered possible modifications in scope at the Courthouse related to reconfiguring the fourth floor and deleting the elevator for court use.  The Board authorized the design work to be completed and for the project to be bid consistent with the initial design concepts.


Contractors were pre-qualified for the work and bids were opened for August 31, 2004.  The bid tables are attached.


On September 2, 2004, a meeting with the low bidder, architect and construction manager was held.  Staff is reviewing the personnel and subcontractors that W.M. Schlosser plans to use on the project and finds the contractor to be the lowest responsible bidder.


At this juncture, substantial efforts have been made in the preparation and review of plans and in the development of temporary relocation options in order to provide for an effective phased approach to the projects.  Work will begin in September 2004, if the Board authorizes the award of the construction contract.  Both projects will improve security and provide for needed repairs to aging facilities.  It is anticipated that the space allocations will meet the needs of the department for the next five to seven years.



Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors: 

Conduct a work session to consider the award of contract services for the Courthouse and Adult Detention Center projects.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

The construction bids are in excess of the previous budget estimates.  A proposal to fund the project utilizing available 2003 funds and Fund Balance from FY 2004 is attached.  The attachment also provides a summary of the Adult Detention Center and Courthouse projected costs.


Included in this funding plan are additional funds for architectural services.  The architect has expended considerable hours above the effort initially planned.  The funding offers a fair comprise in response to the request for additional compensation. 


Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Circuit Court Judge

Circuit Court Clerk


Commissioner of the Revenue

Community Development


Sheriff’s Office