Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Peter B. Schwartz,
Marshall District Supervisor  

September 11, 2008

Staff Lead:


Kimberly R. Abe, Senior Planner


Community Development


A Resolution Supporting the “All American” Scenic By-Way Designation for Route 15, Route 15/29 from its Nexus in Prince William County, Route 15 through Warrenton, and Route 15/29 South of Warrenton, through Routes 20/231/22


Topic Description: 

In May 2008, the U.S. Congress designated the area along Old Carolina Road (Routes 15/231) from Gettysburg to Monticello in Albemarle County, Virginia, as the “Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area.”  All of Fauquier County is contained within this Journey Through Hallowed Ground (JTHG) National Heritage Area (NHA).

National Heritage Areas are designated and authorized by the U.S. Congress to encourage the interpretation of history in areas of distinctive human impact on the landscape. National Heritage Areas do not preserve or control any land, but seek to promote tourism and to educate citizens on the natural, cultural, historic and scenic features that are a valuable part of the national story.

The JTHG Partnership, which led communities and businesses towards obtaining the National Heritage Area designation, is currently working with local businesses, local governments, and community organizations to designate Route 15, Route 15/29 from its nexus in Prince William County, Route 15 through Warrenton, and Route 15/29 south of Warrenton, through Routes 20/231/22 as an “All American Road” within the National Scenic Byways Program. This “All American Road” designation is another honorific designation that will make federal funds available to government entities located along this corridor for the purposes of developing tourism, preservation and enhancement of historical sites and battlefields.  

The JTHG has prepared a basic Corridor Management Plan with the “All American Road” designation to demonstrate public and private support towards improving and sustaining this corridor as a primary touring route.  This Corridor Management Plan is designed to reflect the desires of each town and county along the Byway. The Corridor Management Plan draws from existing Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan language.  

In summary, the “All American Road” and the established “National Heritage Area” designations are both honorific designations that do not involve any regulation of private property.


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adopting the attached resolution.


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