Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Peter B. Schwartz, Marshall District Supervisor


September 11, 2008

Staff Lead:


Paul S. McCulla, County Administrator


County Administration



A Resolution Designating Fauquier County as the Applicant to Re-Submit an Amended Nomination for the Inclusion of Springs Valley on the Virginia Landmarks and National Registers


Topic Description:

The historic area of Fauquier County known as the Springs Valley includes a number of historic structures, pristine rolling farmland and boasts a rich and varied history.  The  Board of Supervisors has been approached by a group of landowners in the Springs Valley and other residents requesting that the County be the applicant for an amended Springs Valley Rural Historic District nomination for inclusion on the Virginia Landmarks and the National Register of Historic Properties.

Fauquier County Government has placed its emphasis on the nomination of town, village and settlement nominations over the past six years. Thirteen (13) community historic areas now have been included on both the Virginia Landmarks the National Register.  The County typically has not focused its efforts on Rural Historic Areas due to their cost and the staff effort required. However, the inventory work and most of the remaining tasks for the Springs Valley Rural Historic District have already been completed.  County staff can certainly complete the final steps:  the public notice and Department of Historic Resources public hearing steps. 


Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider  adoption of the attached resolution.


Financial Impact Analysis:

There is no financial impact for the County as the cost of the application and its preparation and processing are being paid through private funding.


Summary Staff Report:

As a result of the “Final Report for Survey Update of Historic Properties in Fauquier County, Virginia (March 20, 2002)”, the County embarked on a multi-year program to document approximately twenty-one villages and towns that were deemed eligible for listing on the Virginia Landmarks and National Registers. Over half of these eligible areas are now listed on both registers, and include historic districts within the following communities with strong resident property owner support:  Ashville, Atoka, Casanova, Delaplane, Markham, Marshall, Morgantown, New Baltimore, Paris, Rectortown, Hume, Catlett, and the Town of Remington.

This National Register designation has no connection with additional regulatory oversight in Fauquier County.  Being listed on either the Virginia Landmarks or National Register of Historic Places only conveys an honor and recognition of a property’s historic significance; it does not place any constraints on the property owner.  Being listed on either register does not restrict or prevent an owner from altering, tearing down or otherwise disposing of the property.

National Register listing does, however, provide the homeowner access to state and federal rehabilitation tax credits.

As customary, once a date for a hearing at the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR) is established, all property owners and adjacent property owners will be properly notified regarding this application and invited to a series of public hearings to obtain more information about the implications of this nomination. The original Springs Valley Rural Historic District nomination is currently being amended to address some of the concerns raised at public hearings in 2007.


Identify any other Departments, Organizations or Individuals that would be affected by this request:

Property Owners


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