September 13, 2007


Mr. James Allen
USDA Rural Development
1934 Deyerle Avenue, Suite D
Harrisonburg, Virginia  22801

Re:  Catlett Fire Rescue Station

Dear Mr. Allen: 

The Fauquier County Volunteer Fire Rescue Association (VFRA) has identified funding within its Capital Improvements Project budget to support all mortgage payments during the term of the Catlett Volunteer Fire Company USDA loan for the renovation of their Fire Rescue Station at 3447 Catlett Road

While recognizing that it is not empowered to make any binding commitment beyond that current year, the Board of Supervisors hereby authorizes the execution of the USDA loan for the Catlett Company not to exceed $5,488,750, and further states its intent to continue sufficient appropriations to the VFRA CIP budget to support mortgage payments. This Board of Supervisors further recommends that future Boards continue supporting this appropriation during the term of the loan.

Throughout the term of this loan, the President of the Fauquier County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association shall provide a certificate stating that an amount equal to the mortgage payment has been appropriated to the Catlett Volunteer Fire Rescue Station for the renovation of their Fire Rescue Station.  

Nothing herein contained is or shall be deemed to be a lending of the credit of the County to VFRA, its lender or any other person, and nothing herein contained is or shall be deemed to be a pledge of the faith and credit or the taxing power of the Commonwealth of Virginia or any political subdivision thereof, including the County. Nothing herein contained shall bind or obligate the Board to appropriate funds for the purposes elected herein.

                                                            BOARD OF SUPERVISORS
                                                            FAUQUIER COUNTY, VIRGINIA

                                                           By: ________________________
                                                                           Chairman of the Board                                                   

Date: ______________________


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