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August 28, 2003

Mr. Richard Weeks
Deputy Director for Operations
Department of Environmental Quality
629 East Main Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

RE:       Fauquier County Landfill, Permit No. 149

Dear Mr. Weeks:

Fauquier County is in receipt of your August 22, 2003 letter regarding the above referenced facility.  We are pleased that Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has agreed to accept the proposal presented in our August 13, 2003 letter, which will allow for the continued filling of construction/demolition debris in the disputed 8-acre area.  The County acknowledges that such operation is subject to the following conditions:

-  Fauquier County agrees to cease accepting waste at the entire 45-acre area and to begin closure activities for the area by June 2008.

-  Fauquier County agrees to provide DEQ with a clear and accurate map, certified by a professional engineer that delineates the limits of waste place.

-  Fauquier County agrees that if its methane extraction blower system does not result in a decreasing trend in groundwater constituents by September 30, 2004 , the County will install an active leachate remediation system by January 31, 2005 .

-  Financial assurance accounts will be brought up to date/replenished to represent an active 45-acre facility.

Fauquier County further acknowledges that its failure to abide by the above-described actions may be cause for an enforcement action pursuant to Virginia ís solid waste statutes.   The County is pleased to have reached a satisfactory resolution to this issue.



G. Robert Lee

County Administrator


cc:        Jeffery Steers, DEQ/NVRO