June 23, 2003
Page 10 of Secondary Programming
 Committee Report



Members of the Secondary Programming Committee recommend that the School Board:

•         develop programs to help freshmen transition successfully to high school;

•         require that every student have the program and coursework necessary to enter post secondary education or be a CTE completer;

•         provide a comprehensive career and technical education program at each of the high schools (courses that do not have enough enrollment to field a class on a consistent basis could be housed in conjunction with Lord Fairfax Community College );

•         cultivate job shadowing, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities;

•         explore programming opportunities for gifted students with other school divisions (e.g. International Baccalaureate, Governor’s School, Advanced Placement)

•         provide a comprehensive fine arts program at each of the high schools;

•         harness the internet as a study and learning resource and, eventually, as a medium for credit and non-credit courses;

•         add a graduation requirement that students must complete a course in understanding basic computer technology.

•         add a graduation requirement that students must complete a course/program that incorporates service learning, imparts life skills, and teaches about civic responsibility at the federal, state, and local levels;

•         take a new look at the impact of scheduling on programming and over-crowding at the high school level; and

•         continue to offer a comprehensive athletic program at each of the high schools;

All of these recommendations are based on the belief that program opportunities for all students should be provided; in other words, access and equity should drive the boat.