June 23, 2003
Page 12 of Secondary Programming
 Committee Report



Members of the Secondary Programming Committee recommend that the School Board:

         investigate innovative short-term solutions to address immediate capacity issues (recognizing that a third high school could not be operational for three to five years);

         begin planning for a fourth high school immediately (planning for the third high school should already be underway);

         establish a policy that limits enrollment in new and existing schools to 1,500 students;

         acknowledge the Committee’s belief that the ideal enrollment is 1,200 students;

         establish a policy that comprehensive high schools be broken down into administrative units that are no larger than 600 students (further research in this area is encouraged);

         establish a policy that new facilities should include an infrastructure for up to 1,500 students to accommodate future growth;

         renovate or modify existing high schools to establish parity in program offerings between schools; and

         explore the need for a sixth middle school.

All of these recommendations are based on the belief that program should drive the facility and not vice versa.