Key Components Under Consideration by School Board Regarding Facility Options

v     School Size

Alternative 1:  700 to 900 Pupil High School with 1500 Core Design

Alternative 2:  900 to 1200 Pupil High School with 1500 Core Design

Alternative 3:  Two 750 Pupil High School

v     Career and Technical Education Program Delivery (CTE)

Alternative 1:  Centralized CTE Facility

Alternative 2:  Equitable CTE programs in all high schools

Alternative 3:  CTE Magnet Programs at each high school

v     Athletic Facilities

Alternative 1:  No Competition Athletic Facilities, Practice Fields Only,

            Competitions to be held at FHS/LHS

Alternative 2:  Construct Competition Athletic Facility for All New


Alternative 3:  Building Football and Baseball Facilities without Complete

Competition Facilities

Alternative 4:  Build Centralized Competition Athletic Facilities