September 5, 2003




Questions and Issues to be Resolved  

  1. Can comprehensive (level 3 through level 7) academic classes be offered at a centralized CTE facility?

  2. Would a partnership with Lord Fairfax Community College regarding CTE programs present challenges in meeting Fauquier County Public Schools’ needs?

  3. How many public high schools have been built in the state without athletic facilities?

  4. What are the property requirements from the Virginia Department of Education for the construction of a new high school?

  5. Would the geographic locations of high schools necessitate different start times?

  6. If two 750 pupil high schools were to be built, would this require additional buses, more bus routes, and more drivers?

  7. Will increased course offerings drive additional classroom construction?

  8. Several of the options include a centralized CTE facility and converting CTE space at LHS and FHS to classroom space; therefore,

a.       Will FHS have difficulty with the increased capacity created by adding classroom space given its common areas and hallway sizes?

            b.   Will increased student capacity increase student discipline problems?