Owner/Applicant:                                            Board of Supervisors Meeting Date:

Sharon McCamy, Lee District Supervisor                             September 15, 2003           

Staff Lead:                                                                                 Department:

Elizabeth A. Cook                                                             Community Development


A Resolution Recommending Projects for Inclusion in the Six-Year Improvement Program for the Viriginia Department of Transportation

Topic Description:

The Commonwealth Transportation Board's (CTB) Regional Six-Year Improvement Program "pre-allocation" hearing for the Culpeper District will be held on the evening of October 6, 2003 .  The meeting will be held at the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) Culpeper District Office to collect public input to help the CTB update the Six-Year Improvement Program.  The hearing will be divided into two parts.  First, there will be an informal "open forum" with information stations and maps and transportation experts on hand to answer questions.  Attendees will be able to make comments during this period to a court reporter as part of the official record.  The second part of the hearing will include a presentation followed by public comments from the meeting participants.  The court reporter will record these comments as well. 

The Board of Supervisors establishes the County's Six-Year Improvement priorities, which are presented to the CTB at the "pre-allocation" hearing for its consideration.  The attached resolution reflects the same priorites adopted in April 2002, with a revision to the Route 28 improvements item.  This clarification reflects the updated Service District Plans for the communities along Route 28.  The specific Route 28 intersections will be studied further by the Transportation Committee and the VDOT Warrenton Residency, since there may be alternative funding sources available to make some of these specific safety improvements at a faster pace than afforded by the Six-Year Improvement Program.

Requested Action of the Board of Supervisors:

Consider adoption of the attached resolution.

Transportation Committee Recommendation:

On September 9, 2003 , the Transportation Committee met and made a recommendation on the Six-Year Improvement priorities; which is reflected in the attached resolution.  After much discussion, the Committee has requested that the VDOT Warrenton Residency evaluate and recommend a funding source for the Route 28 Spot Safety and Intersection Improvements identified in the Service District Plans along Route 28 from Route 15/29 to the Prince William County line.  Some of these improvements may be more appropriately completed using alternative funding sources, such as safety improvements funds.  VDOT will report back to the Transportation Committee with its evaluation of these key intersections.  For the Board of Supervisor's information the following is the list of intersections that the Transportation Committee and VDOT will review:

    • Route 661 ( Oak Shade Road ) Left-turn lane on Route 661;
    • Route 17 ( Marsh Road ) Widen Route 28 by 2 lanes in both directions;
    • Independence Avenue Taper down lanes from the Route 17 intersection;
    • Route 649 ( Germantown Road ) Turn lanes on Route 28 in both directions, with signalization if Warrenton- Fauquier Airport and related growth in area warrants signalization;
    • Route 743 ( Meetze Road ) Left-turn lanes and signalize intersection;
    • Route 603 and Route 616 ( Bastable Mill Road and Bristersburg Road ) Signalize and add left-turn lanes in all directions;
    • Route 818 ( Old Catlett Road ) Route 28 turn lane; and
    • Route 667 and Route 806 ( Dumfries Road and Elk Run Road ) Route 28 left turn lanes in both directions.

Financial Impacts Analysis:

There was no financial impact analysis required for this request.

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