Proposed Timeline for Farmland Preservation Program 

- Purchase of Development Rights  

October – December  – Application period

October– Public Notice is given to all County landowners requesting applications for Farmland Preservation Program Purchase of Development Rights.  

December 31, – Application period ends 5 p.m.  

January  – March, – Application Review and ranking

January  – February–

Community Development determines number of development rights on each parcel owned by each applicant.  

Graphic Information Systems department develops parcel maps including soil types, hydrology, ground cover, and properties with ˝ mile radius.   

AG Development Office reviews applications and makes site visits.   

March - Ag Advisory Committee ranks applications and advises approval to Board of Supervisors on selected farm(s) parcels.  

April – June – Purchase Approval

BOS reviews and votes on expenditure for PDRs and authorizes County Administrator to purchase development rights  

July – September – Purchase completed

County Attorney prepares legal documents for County to purchase development rights.  Purchase of Development Right is consummated by County Administrator.