WHEREAS, at its February 19, 2002 meeting, the Board of Supervisors adopted the Farmland Preservation Program – Purchase of Development Rights (PDR); and

WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors has adopted the application and selection criteria; and

WHEREAS, the Fauquier County Agricultural Advisory Committee has been selected to rank applications and advise the Board of Supervisors of selected farm(s) parcels; and

WHEREAS, it is anticipated that the County of Fauquier will receive $1,500,000 from Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) specifically for the PDR program within five miles proximate to the ODEC peaking power plant, and in addition, roll-back taxes have been set aside to fund the PDR program; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 16th day of September 2002, That the following timeline be, and is hereby, adopted to be followed by the County Agricultural Development Officer and the Agricultural Advisory Committee for recommendation of qualified purchase of development rights to the Board of Supervisors using the application process.

Proposed Timeline for Farmland Preservation Program

 - Purchase of Development Rights

October – December  – Application period

October– Public Notice is given to all County landowners requesting applications for Farmland Preservation Program Purchase of Development Rights.

December 31, – Application period ends 5 p.m.

January  – March, – Application Review and ranking

January  – February–

Community Development determines number of development rights on each parcel owned by each applicant.  

Graphic Information Systems department develops parcel maps including soil types, hydrology, ground cover, and properties with ˝ mile radius.

AG Development Office reviews applications and makes site visits. 

March - Ag Advisory Committee ranks applications and advises approval to Board of Supervisors on selected farm(s) parcels.

April – June – Purchase Approval

BOS reviews and votes on expenditure for PDRs and authorizes County Administrator to purchase development rights

July – September – Purchase completed

County Attorney prepares legal documents for County to purchase development rights.  Purchase of Development Right is consummated by County Administrator.