10 September 2002 


Mr. Anthony I. Hooper
Assistant County Administrator
Fauquier County Government & Public Schools
40 Culpeper Street
Warrenton, VA  20186 

RE:            Recommendation for Approval of Motorola Detailed Design Review
Fauquier County, Virginia; Transmittal # CTA-013
                  Commission # 20023H 

Dear Mr. Hooper: 

Motorola conducted the first “Contract Design Review” (CDR) on July 1, 2002, and then followed up with a second meeting on July 25, 2002.  (Note that Motorola has changed the title of this activity from “Detailed Design Review”, referenced in the contract between the County and Motorola, to “Contract Design Review”.  In this context they are one and the same.)  Both design review meetings were held in Warrenton, and included attendees from the various governmental departments and agencies in Fauquier County and the Town of Warrenton, in addition to the core members of the project team.  Subsequent to the meetings in Warrenton, representatives from CTA and the County met with Motorola’s project team in our Lynchburg office to review deficiencies in the CDR package and to make plans for corrective action. 

We have completed our review of the revised documentation submitted by Motorola, and find that they have responded to all of our requests for modification.  These additions and corrections to the CDR documentation are acceptable.  CTA therefore recommends that the County approve the Contract Design Review.  This recommendation is conditioned on our receipt and approval of requested changes and revisions to the draft schedule, which we expect to receive by close-of-business on September 12.

In addition to drawings, figures, tables and other engineering data, the CDR documentation contains narrative descriptive material that we would normally expect to encounter in proposals.  While we have reviewed the narrative material in general, we note for the record that nothing contained in this material shall constitute a change in terms or conditions of the contract documents, nor is our recommendation for approval of this document a waiver of any stipulation contained in the technical specifications.  Any conflict between this CDR document and the contract documents, including the specifications, is inadvertent and shall be resolved in favor of the contract documents. 

Furthermore, approval of the CDR does not in of itself constitute “notice to proceed” with any manufacturing or construction activities.  Nor does this action relieve Motorola of its responsibilities to deliver additional details of its design required by the contract and specifications. 

Mr. Anthony I. Hooper
10 September 2002
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Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning this matter. 


CTA Communications, Inc.  


Kenneth A. Ballard, Ph.D.
Project Manager


cc:        Nelson C. Davis (Motorola)
Robert T. Forrest, P.E. (CTA Communications)
Joseph D. Pociluyko (CTA Communications)