A Resolution to Provide Fauquier County’s Comments on the Route 29 Corridor Study Preliminary Recommendations

WHEREAS, the Route 29 corridor from the North Carolina line to Prince William County represents a major federal, state and local highway key to the Virginia economy and mobility; and 

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth has determined that this corridor needs focused coordination and  management for increasing safety and enhanced capacity in combination with and through network improvements and muli-modal transportation alternatives; and

WHEREAS, the County supports comprehensive and coordinated policy and state financial investment that helps ensure the continued viability of Route 29 as a major transportation corridor in the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, Fauquier County continues and expects to be a proactive participant throughout the Route 29 Corridor Plan (The Blueprint), Corridor Implementation Plan and Projects and Funding stages; and

WHEREAS, the adopted Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan calls for Route 29 to be maintained as a rural freeway; and

WHEREAS, on August 14, 2008, the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to promote freight and passenger rail so as to decrease the number of trips per day along arterial roadways; and

WHEREAS, the Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan promotes the preservation of its local historic, environmental, and agricultural resources; and

WHEREAS, the County has reviewed the VDOT Preliminary Recommendations for the Route 29 Corridor Plan (The Blueprint) for consistency with its Comprehensive Plan, its vision for future land use and transportation systems, and official policies; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, by the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors this 8th day of October 2009, That the Fauquier County Board of  Supervisors hereby supports the broader nine VDOT “corridor-wide recommendations” which intend to improve the operations and capacity of the overall Route 29 corridor; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors supports the proposed recommendations that reduce traffic demand through multi-modal transportation strategies, including rail and other public transit options; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors strongly opposes and requests immediate removal of the “Long-Term Planning Corridor” connecting Route 676 (Riley Road) to Route 15 in Prince William County since it:

1.      Is not consistent with the adopted Chapter 6 – Districts (transportation element of New Baltimore Service District Plan) and Chapter 8 – Rural Areas Land Use Plan of the overall Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan;

2.      Is contrary to the unanimous and consistently expressed Board of Supervisors opposition for any such ‘by-pass” connection from Prince William County during VDOT/Parsons public information meetings, as well as VDOT/Parsons scheduled meetings with the Board;

3.      Presents severe destruction to the National Register-eligible “Buckland Races” Civil War battlefield site whose limits and landscape have been verified through the requisite historic and technical studies, with easement recordation and other land use instrument activity increasing;

4.      Presents significant impacts that are counter to the principles and major multi-state initiative represented by The Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area; and

5.      Represents a determined avoidance to incentivize and operationally improve the corridor safety and operational capacity, within the existing confines of the Route 15 and Route 29 alignments, through a more multi-jurisdictional, disciplined and coordinated  land use and decision-making process;

6.      Rewards unconditionally the historic consumptive land use and “business as usual” approach which unfortunately allows the continuation of this development pattern; and

7.      Targets our highly protected Rural Agriculture (RA) zoned land as the long-term relief valve for the existing, pending and future development barriers that the latter two corridors face in Prince William County.    

                                                                                    A Copy Teste


                                                                                    Paul S. McCulla
                                                                                    Clerk to the Board of Supervisors

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